Originally Posted by Short Fuse We will organise something for sure Sam. I am in the middle of moving house after 26 years here. Did not realize how much junk I had accumulated. Been a lot of trips to the dump and the scrappies. Moving to an estate off the Bribie road so the next couple of weeks will be crazy setting up the new place but will be much easier to get boats in and out of the yard without having to contend with 45 000 cars a day driving past the front gate.

Your must be just down the road from me, I don't know which estate you are moving to as I think nearly all of them have heaps of traffic going past. I am pretty much the same as you with gathering "junk". We are intending to do the grey nomad thing in about a year or two so have started to down size as well to get rid of all the "junk". By the way it is all considered junk up to the point where you get rid of it and then it becomes essential.