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Thread: Peel snapper

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    Peel snapper

    Going to try the peel reefs on tue,usually fish shallow and deep tempest.,i imagine i will have to lighten up on the gear .any tips for fishing this area, is it best to anchor or drift?bait or soft plastics. Any advice would be great.

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    Re: Peel snapper

    If I was going I would be anchoring up and running a berley trail. Fishing with as little weight as possible and fishing at either sunrise or sunset.

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    Re: Peel snapper

    I usually fish Peel or Wellington Point depending on wind direction and tide using the same technique as Jackson. Light rods with 10-15 lb line, whole baits, no sinker to let the baits drift down the water column, 3/0 or 4/0 circle hooks generally. Usually 3-5M depth with a rubble / reef bottom. Normally catch 1-2 pan size snapper on sunrise or sunset. Plenty of catfish at Wello at present to keep you busy waiting for the snapper. Cheers SS

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    Re: Peel snapper

    Thanks for that cheers

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