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    Re: How wet are haines signature boats

    I would test drive one to make sure you are satisfied with how they go. I don't consider them to be a dry boat in anything over 10-15 knots chop.

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    Re: How wet are haines signature boats

    Thanks Robbo

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    Re: How wet are haines signature boats

    I owned a haines signature 520C for 7 years. Trolling in 10kt winds offshore the duck bill has a tendency to dig in which results in water riding up the windscreen into the boat.
    Anything over 10knot winds heading from Redcliffe to Bulwer I was guaranteed to have spray from the boat hitting chop hitting my face.
    My experience was that it was a wet boat.

    That said I did love the boat. It handled large swell and chop. Not the smoothest riding boat across the bay but for a 5.05m hull it was a class above the others.

    From what I understand the 542f and the 543f are unbeatable in the size, are a lot drier boat and smoother riding but that comes at a cost.

    Good luck with your boat hunting

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    Re: How wet are haines signature boats

    Iíve got a 543rf, and am pretty happy with it. Iíve had a couple of 21 footers in the past and while this boat canít catch them offshore itís a bit ďthe little boat that couldĒ. Ride is good in average conditions and it runs well offshore, handling anything Iíve wanted to fish in offshore and inside. Wouldnít call it a wet boat, but you can get spray on the clears in certain winds and chop directions ( mainly quartering into a stiff breeze ), but not as bad as the bigger hunter was. Itís also very stable, which is surprising given its narrow beam.

    I donít trust sigs web weight figures - it lists mine as 876kg, yet older docs I have puts it at ~550kg. I think the current figures are with motor and fuel.

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    Re: How wet are haines signature boats

    Thanks lethal and swof. I was getting the impression that they are a good boat. Reason is, I've been following an S543 online which seems to be now known as the 543F that came on at I think $55K and last list price was $47,500 that he had paid just over $70K new 5 years earlier. Over the 5 years he had only put 17 hours on it, just 3 trips to tangalooma and a couple short trips to Moreton Bay. I paid $45K. I am sure it will be a great boat for me and the family and its not too big that I can still handle solo if I have to. Its got all the "must have's"; a 140zuk, haines bait board, quality garmin 820 8 inch sounder and plotter with digital gauges linked as well as analogue gauges, dual batteries,live bait tank, front and side clears and full stainless rocket launcher, seats with bolsters, vinyl cabin cushions, tackle boxes, upgraded 150lt fuel tank, fusion stereo, table, led under gunnel lights and gunnell rod holders, vhf, dual axle trailer. Its almost as if the original buyer optioned it fully. The only thing he didnt put on it are trim tabs but it doesnt seem to have been taken offshore ever. Sure I had had to settle on a few things including it being a little smaller in the cockpit than what I wanted in a glass boat but for the low hours on it and new boat price massive saving I thought a safe purchase and a quality well respected brand. Pics attached. .

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    Re: How wet are haines signature boats

    You wont regret your choice mate, they are a great hull!

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    Re: How wet are haines signature boats

    Sounds like a great buy and buying at that age means depreciation will be minimal. I am sure if you ever wanted to go bigger you will loose nothing by doing it this way. Funny I bought my boat 15 years back( always wanted a 575) and was going to change up just never did. I will be interested on how it goes and what you think?

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