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    Re: Do you prefer to fish alone?

    Damn pot holes in PPB, doing the splits ohh man that would have drilled . yeah definetly look into some grip, its so underated
    Quote Originally Posted by 552Evo View Post
    I like the freedom of being solo, there's no awkwardness as to where you go or when you make a move.
    Having family and friends on the boat is nice as a shared experience and definitely worth it but it does become a chore if done too much.
    So this happened yesterday- had a great day out solo, coming back in to Port Phillip Bay through the Rip/Heads and if any of you know The Rip, it's like any other bar crossing that requires safety as number 1 consideration. Except the Rip is big, think acres in size big.
    So I was making my way in, probably 2-3 meter running swell mixed in with the usual swirling whirlpools and standing waves here and there. I was doing fine until the boat literally dropped into (I don't know what it's called) a hole of water ??
    It was definitely fading light, I did see the hole coming and I braced for it, but the boat dropped into this hole and my feet were above the deck a few inches.
    I was wearing brand new "boat" gumboots. So when my feet landed I literally lost grip and did the splits as I fell. I ended up flat on my back and instantly had that gut feeling that something didn't feel to good.
    At this stage the boat is still in gear and cruising along with me/solo on the deck, the ignition cut out lanyard stretched out to its limit attached to my belt strap.
    I knew I couldn't just get back up and take control so I yanked the lanyard and the boat stopped. I took a few seconds to compose myself - no bones broken, no claret on the deck or me. But I tore the muscle in my upper leg doing the splits.
    So cruised back a further 20 or so minutes to the Sorento ramp, choosing to ignore the hurt.
    Retrieved the boat solo.
    Packed up the boat solo.
    2 hour drive home - it was worse by the time got home.
    No sleep last night because I stupidly thought it would get better overnight with panadol.
    4 hours in ER this morning.
    But I still prefer solo, I might have to look into some of that deck stick on stuff for grip. Or ditch the bloody boots.

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    Re: Do you prefer to fish alone?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dignity View Post
    Sounds like a plan although knowing my luck it'll clash with some event somewhere, I recall OcciferNick that we were going to go out about a year ago but you had some clashing arrangement at Surfers or somewhere.
    Yes I was thinking the same thing. We should definitely try and catch up for a fish.
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