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Thread: Etec G2

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    Re: Etec G2

    Graph for 115ho if the weight is around 180kg would be a torque monster for the hpD2DDED17-9FDC-4293-BDD3-DAA269A22AD5.jpg

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    Re: Etec G2

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimo View Post
    The 115HP G2 produces good torque at lowest revs of the new G2 machines.
    Do we know the weight? off these yet

    As well as a set on the Vagabond they could be a good option on the repower program for Dirtyfuzz's cat.
    Mate Iíve just been reading the specs and got quietly excited! I need to replace the old tie rod steering system anyway with the repower am trying to find the weight of the 115 g2 with isteer!

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    Re: Etec G2

    Quote Originally Posted by Noelm View Post
    I think having a service done is not always based on time, it's just a set price per HP (probably set by what the local customers will pay) and lots of places do nothing more than what you would do st home, but, a decent dealer does a lot of unseen adjustments, checking of possible known issues on particular models, attention to minor issues probably not noticed by the owner and lots of other "stuff" reputable dealers are pretty rare in lots of areas.
    Yeah that all rings pretty true I think Noel...mechanics are no different to any other job ..some will just go through the motions to collect a pay check whilst others take pride in their work and can be a little challenging for the average punter to figure that out as some can spin a good yarn as well...

    Steve I didn't realize you were just talking about a 20 hr service.....mate that's just to drop the oil out as you should do with any new 4 stroke motor, marine or otherwise,and have a bit of a check to see if everything is tight and doing what it should.....Ö.don't think that's anything near what you will pay when they do an actual annual service on it....

    That 4 stroke 150 motor that had the 1st year service for $880 cost $350 for its 20 hr service....and $120 of that was the manufacturer specified oil to fill its 8 litre sump...I would imagine a 50hp would not hold that much oil thankfully..but genuine parts ,specified oil..we all know what that means..$$$...

    Its just a fact Steve....Services during the warranty period for any 4 stroke will be substantially more than an ETEC...

    What has this got with considering what engine to buy...?...well its just one factor....there is also downsides such as far less resale value on Etec.....that's also a fact.....some people pay stupid money for 2nd hand 4 strokes...

    Each to their own...But the fun factor of an do you put a price on that..?

    BTW, I'm still actually weighing up which engine to buy Honda,Yamaha or ETEC.....Etec G2 is ahead by a nose at the moment...

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    Re: Etec G2

    Thatís a annual service
    A annual service does not mean everything gets replaced

    Itís just Iíve only done that amount of hours but will still get done annually

    If it needs plugs it will get plugs if it needs a impeller it will get one
    Yamaha plugs can last 3-4- 10 years as well hours donít relate to years

    Same as a etec used in salt water same as any outboard brand

    Lazy mechanics just replacing everything at a set date and is just fleecing people

    I had a etec that had a oil failure a early 75hp at 6 years old hence my reluctance to ever own another and there marketing is Well crude

    I donít tow biscuits or skiers or punch out through bars so the extra acceleration or grunt makes no relevance to me
    But then if you fit sufficient horsepower to a hull you wonít have a issue anyway

    And people donít pay silly amounts for a four stroke thatís just your view
    they pay what the market is setting the price at v demand

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    Re: Etec G2

    Five pages of an Etec thread, and it has not degenerated into a mud-sling sh*tfight. Amazing

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    Re: Etec G2

    Quote Originally Posted by ranmar850 View Post
    Five pages of an Etec thread, and it has not degenerated into a mud-sling sh*tfight. Amazing
    because everyones given up and bought yamahas?

    had to sorry

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    Re: Etec G2

    I think the g2 etecs probably are a lot better. With the focus on reliability and repairing the brand. Look how long it took to bring out the second engine. And the fuel efficiency really is there now as opposed to half way with the g1's

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    Re: Etec G2

    Quote Originally Posted by stevej View Post

    I had a etec that had a oil failure a early 75hp at 6 years old hence my reluctance to ever own another and there marketing is Well crude
    At just 23 hrs on your 4 stroke, I wouldn't worry about seeing a mechanic, mate.....a therapist might be more useful Ö.

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    Re: Etec G2

    Therapist ?
    crude in as written in American grandiose terms with their stupid towing other brands backwards and no service claims

    still got warranty so don't have a choice
    for every hour of outboard use there would be 4-5 hours of electric use

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    Re: Etec G2

    I have only ever had 1 engine serviced by a shop for its 10 hour i was only charged the amount no receipt given had to go back to get book stamped, for those of u pay these bog bucks are u getting a break down of all servicing cost right down to the lube cost? Surely they cannot pull the wool over your eyes if they do spread it all out

    I know today its hard to find a eager mechanic in general often this trade they are slow and take there time having a yarn and walking around.. while your paying the labor

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