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Thread: Minn Kota and Lithium Ion batteries

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    Re: Minn Kota and Lithium Ion batteries

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    Nice to hear of your positive experience..

    Are they the Calb cells or another type of batteries..?

    Can you give some details of how many amps per hour you are putting back into your TM batteries when travelling..?

    Did you have to set the high voltage cutoff at 13.4v or does it just stop charging at that level..?

    and of course watching with interest on the queries from the fella's above..
    The battery cells are the Winston (so in a normal looking yellow battery box) from EV Works.
    When running home, or to a different mark, I've seen up to 18-20 amps being put back into the trolling motor 24v system, the Honda outboard puts out about 30amps from memory.
    Re the high voltage, don't set any cutoff, the Sterling Pro only has a preset for battery type, so I just select LifePO4.
    Been running this setup of 3 Lithium batteries [one as 12v, two in series for 24v], inline charger to recharge the trolling motor since 2014 (3 years in the current boat and a similar setup in the previous boat), touch wood no problems so far.

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    Re: Minn Kota and Lithium Ion batteries

    Is it ok to hook up 2 different DCDC chargers to 1 start battery to charge a 36v MK battery and another 12v house battery?
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    Re: Minn Kota and Lithium Ion batteries

    Sorry, I haven't answered a couple of questions about my motor failure a while back. There was no obvious indication of failure as in smoke, melting or heat. Just damage over time according to the repairer. Sadly, Raffi the repairer has passed away so I can't give you any more info on what specific damage was done. He did say that EVERYTHING was fried. $3800 worth of damage to a $4800 motor. I do recall him saying that the brush motors just can't handle the power. This motor will probably never go over 7 on the power metre again.

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