Dear all,
looks like the rod building section may have almost petered out with only the odd post here and there. No worries, itís pretty hard to sustain interest for a long time and also no worries if I donít get any replies.

I purchased a few Calstar 700ís a few year back (XL, ML,XH) and at the snails pace that I build, Iím now ready for the XH. I should also note that in reality I donít go fishing because Iím boatless and terribly busy but build and collect rods for fun that I donít use and collect high end gear ......a veritable tackle shop filling a large wardrobe.

Obviously the XH is an absolute beast of a blank and i was originally was going to build a 37kg popper rod to use with a large Expedition or Stella.......which will be pretty heavy. I wondered if Iíd be better to cut 30cm from the butt to make a jig/troll rod with the XH and get a more specialist graph/composite blank for the heavy popping rod.

Iíve built a few light Samurais, are blanks like their Pop 10-12 any good? I have also built a few Xzoga blanks for light jigging but dont know about the other end of the spectrum. The only comment I have is that having had some experiences with very light, expensive high end composite rods that exploded inspite of very cautious treatment, I wont sacrifice durability for weight.

I can pretend that I might use half my rods one day.
thanks all, Mike