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    Hydrofoil mounting hardware information

    Hi all, I have a bolt and rubber spacer missing from the rear of my hydrofoil. I have removed the opposite spacer, which sits between the hydrofoil and cavitation plate, and noticed it has a slight taper, 4mm to 3.2 mm. I am going to source rubber for the replacement but am unsure of the importance of the taper, my thought is that perhaps the rubber has deformed over the years. Thoughts on using 4mm rubber washers please? The foil doesn't have any markings so unsure of make but its on a 2003 Mercury 75 2 stroke.

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    Re: Hydrofoil mounting hardware information

    You will probably find the washer just formed that shape after being tightened and sitting like that, a bit of a mm difference in a rubber washer will make do difference.

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