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    Navionics compatibility

    Anyone know which android models navionics works with? I havent used it in a few years last time i had it i had a android phone that was not compatible with it, they use to have a list of tablets and phones but now they just say a version of 4.1 or newer which doesnt help

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    Re: Navionics compatibility


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    Re: Navionics compatibility

    If you use the device you intend to install it on then when you go to the play store it should tell you if it's compatible or not.

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    Re: Navionics compatibility

    Yeah but i have to buy the tablet first Fed this is another case of my phone i bought a cheapie android phone about 5 years ago before i seen the compatible list and it was a waste of money buying the phone i than bought a iphone because i knew that would work it was on the list at the time, i now have a samsung but its not for my mobile, i want to run 2x 10.1" androids in the boat I'm building when its finished and use the Wi Fish sonar kind of like a poorman's classy set up without spending $8000 on Simrad monitors

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    Re: Navionics compatibility

    This is it here fella's basically i will want to run one full screen of Navionics and one screen as the fish finder

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    Re: Navionics compatibility

    It needs to be compatible with an Android OS version. This is what matters, not so much the phone. Buy an older tablet, and it doesn't run the correct version, it just won't work. Generally speaking, you'll need to be within a couple of versions of current--it's an endless loop of upgrades, really, because, as Android keeps updating , the software devs need to be updating their apps to keep up. And they generally don't do a lot of backwards compatibilty. I have Navionics Boating HD on my phone ( Note 8, current Android version), wouldn't be without it for onshore trip planning and dreaming/discussing. But I never use in on the boat.
    You do realise that, to get the sort of display you have shown above, you need an MFD, or at least a compatible sonar unit, in the first place anyway? That guy is just mirroring his Raymarine display? I can do that with mine, either just view or have complete control, but why would I bother? I know you are aiming at getting the largest possible display for the lowest possible price, but this has all been tried before, and usually ends up with the person just buying something that is actually designed to do the job? A tiny bit ofsalt in the ports, or headphone jack, and the things will just grind to a halt. Look around, you can find 9" MFDs and basic transducer setups for a really reasonable price nowaday. Or buy fairly new s/hand, some people are always updating to have the latest and greatest.

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    Re: Navionics compatibility

    So you need to find someone who has a cheapie tablet the same as the one you want to buy?

    I have a cheapie pendo that they say is not compatible although is is android 5 or 6 or something.
    Just because they say it won't work it may only mean it hasn't been tested yet.

    Screen brightness is a problem with cheapie ones.

    Maybe a quality second hand one would be better, my mrs has a samsung SM-T520 which gets the Navionics tick.

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    Re: Navionics compatibility

    Hey Ran it is possible the quality comes down to the tablets display as to how its viewed

    But u can buy a wifi transducer that wifi connects to one of the tablets check it out

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    Re: Navionics compatibility

    Fed i was thinking of getting a couple Samsung tablets due to it being samsung they make a good product

    I have to wait untill my dash is designed and built plan is to work around 10" screen but if space is tight for two i may have to go with twin 7"

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    Re: Navionics compatibility

    Shots from a 7" Google Nexus.
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    Re: Navionics compatibility

    Your already living my dream Fed lol i really want the 10.1" screens just so it looks flash haha but if im at the back of the boat i can stikl read the screen my eyes are.pretty bad i squint in any daylight

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    Re: Navionics compatibility

    I don't know about living the dream more like living the time warp Gazza.
    My 20 Year old basic electronics still serve me well but the Furuno isn't a plotter so it only shows location without depth contours which are nicer to have. I really only use it to mark locations and to get back to previous marks.
    I think some people use there stuff as entertainment centres rather than concentrating on actual fishing.

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    Re: Navionics compatibility

    Thats a good point Fed i specifically used Navionics to find depth contours and drift over these they usually hold flathead and flounder

    Lol your gear will be good for a vintage gallery soon i have owned some old basic fish finders and they have put me onto some of the best king fishing ever but technology is so cheap these days im a lover of technology but if a boat has old gear already installed i'll still use it

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    Re: Navionics compatibility

    Really wanted a Lowrance Hook 12 but after 8 hours in 50c in the heat and 40mins drive home all i want is a shower and to goto bed so likely a jazzy set up will sit in the boat over night and a $1500 unit would be highly sort after for a criminal

    Where as the tablets are $100 each if they get 0inched no big deal

    If the Lowrance got pinched i'd be in tears

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    Re: Navionics compatibility

    my advice, dont go there. Cheapie screens are cheap for a reason. old software on old devices may be fine, but the trap is new software wont work so well on old devices./ cheap devices. I have a first generation ipad and i no longer get updates. It shows on many screens with all sorts of crap behaviour. I can guarantee you wont see anything on a cheap screen once the sun comes out.
    I dont want to rain down on your can do attitude, but you have to be realistic about what technology can and cant do.
    I also went down this path of thinking a while back and its so fraught with " ifs" that it wasnt worth pursuing.
    dont get me wrong, i love technology but in 2019 i have come to realise that technology like this is built to purpose, trying to do the extra can do your mind, let alone the crapware that passes for software and limited technology hardware. New hardware plus new software is the only way to guarantee the system will work for a few years. Anything else is just an update from the scrap heap. There is a reason we dont go hunting with stones and spears anymore, hahahahahaha

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