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    The future of Propellers ???

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    Re: The future of Propellers ???

    Seen this on fb today the image on their looked photo shopped i thought it actually was a joke

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    Re: The future of Propellers ???

    Is it a Japanese invention for shallow water?

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    Re: The future of Propellers ???

    Quote Originally Posted by myusernam View Post
    Is it a Japanese invention for shallow water?
    That's funny.


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    Re: The future of Propellers ???

    Looks interesting. Info on that website, if correct, suggests a lot of testing and data to support claims of efficiency improvement.

    Wonder how long until they are available in Australia?
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    Re: The future of Propellers ???

    More to the point, how much and can the prop guys fix them when you kiss a rock?
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    Re: The future of Propellers ???

    Interesting for sure. Lets see appropriate reviews before saying yae nor nae. We are a skeptical bunch for sure, but then havent we seen it all before, hahahahaha.
    9-15% improvement is a massive call. If its too good to be true............

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    Re: The future of Propellers ???

    Link to their Australian patent application HERE . Just because it's in a patent, doesn't necessarily mean it works. But the interesting word in the claims is "lift". Screw type propellers don't provide lift.

    I wouldn't rule out the possibilities. And if you think there's nothing new under the sun, have a look at the SailGP vidoes. Who would have thought that 10 years ago. Key word again is LIFT.

    Will be interesting to watch.

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    Re: The future of Propellers ???

    Probably working on 9-15% less blade area to give the performance benefit.
    Will they be 15% more expensive??
    I'd reckon more.

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    Re: The future of Propellers ???

    Guess we will have to wait and see when people start spending their hard earned and real world figures start hitting the streets. There is specific mention of a propeller design in regards the efficiency gain - "the industry standard Wageningen B series design". I did a quick google search and as a layman understood about sweet F- all of the first couple of sites I looked at. Not all propellers are created equal now so whether or not there will be a rather large "individual results may vary" hidden in very fine print will remain to be seen. At a guess though it will be there somewhere. Good to see someone thinking outside the box though.

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    Re: The future of Propellers ???

    Expect the racing guys to use them first if they are good.
    Especially in US where they put a heap of HP on the back of a long glass console boat


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    Re: The future of Propellers ???

    interesting idea , reinventing the wheel. yeah naaaaa i use something like that at home to whisk eggs, lots of bubbles..

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    Re: The future of Propellers ???

    I would have thought that either props with variable pitch designs, or automatic gearboxes that increase RPM at the prop would enhance boating performance well before static prop designs would.
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