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Thread: Mackerel Spoons

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    Mackerel Spoons

    The other post about hooking Mackerel has got me thing about fishing with my Grandfather nearly 50 years ago in FNQ and he always had at least one large spoon on the troll when chasing Mackerel. I remember when the Mackerel were about we always did OK on the spoons. He used big heavy hand lines tied to a push bike tube which were looped over the rowlocks (he wasn't into sport fishing).
    I have seen them for sale, so does anybody still troll spoons.


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    Re: Mackerel Spoons

    Using them in conjunction with a down rigger or trolling paravane in the bay for spotties and schoolies is still a pretty common method.

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    Re: Mackerel Spoons

    When trolling for macks we have a heavy handline which we use only for trolling spoons, big bungee cord to a cleat.
    One day with some not so experienced deckies, we had hooked a spotty somewhere between the seaway and halfway to palmy and none of them had noticed. When I went to relieve myself I noticed it being dragged along on the surface, it was pretty much dead by the time we got it in the boat....

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    Re: Mackerel Spoons

    Sounds like my first (and last) effort trolling for flatties.

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    Re: Mackerel Spoons

    Spoons are a good way to target mackerel, have used them for about 35 years. like all things each area has different things that work.

    Pink flash was my go to in FNQ and here in the sth east Qld gold flash is the standout. have a mate in mackay that fishes only green.


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    Re: Mackerel Spoons

    Hey BigE
    Do you mean some of that flashie tape stuck to a spoon or one that is all pink?
    I had a half crazy idea about linking 2 or 3 small to medium spoons together with heavy swivels to imitate bait fish swimming together or it may look like a Wolf Herring. Not sure if it would swim well.
    Too much time sitting around waiting for the wind to drop and coming up with all kinds of mad ideas.


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