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    Trailer Replacement

    Hi all:

    I am in the market for a new trailer for a Haines Hunter v146c.... should I go alloy or gal trailers??

    Which brand is good and reliable??


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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    Love my new easytow.

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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    Depends if you want cheap, good or the best.

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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    What location makes a difference too. If in Sydney, Sales Trailers are a well established brand. Prices seem at the lower end of the market. Mate just bought a new braked gal trailer from them for his Seafarer 4.74 V-Sea. Product looks good and great service from them.

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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    If in southeast Queensland can recommend Belco located at Brendale.

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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    I would have recommended a Belco trailer in the past (and have done so) but i continue to find disappointments with mine. Originally the wiring connections (sealed off with a bit tif electrical tape rather than heat shrink or better). Then my wheel bearings and tail lights failing after three months. Most recently the brake cable rusting (not stainless steel).

    I think they can definitely weld a trailer together but if I was to do so again I would buy the frame and assemble the components myself.

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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    The reason that they don't use stainless cable for the brakes is that stainless can metal fatigue and fracture much more easily than the galv steel cable. I recently replaced mine and also wanted to use stainless but was advised against it because of that fact.

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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    Hello.... I live in Brisbane... wanting a trailer to last the distance given the existing must be 30+ years old... was thinking of Redco or Dunbier aluminium trailers...

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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    Highly recommend FMS custom trailers in Brisbane .
    "i take pit bulls fishing"

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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    no new steel trailer will last as long as older one did, the galvanizing just doesnt seem to last as long

    ally if you expecting 30 years out of the next one

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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    30 year old trailer would have been built to last by old timers, these days its a toss of a coin China has taking over our economy with junk

    I bought a new Sales trailer back in 2010 2011 rusted wheel hubs within 3 weeks was shocking

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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    hubs and add ons arnt the issue,

    its the steel and gal used in the main frames isnt the same quality as years gone by
    even the galavanisers will tell people this

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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    dunbeir trailers are okay, does the job to carry an older rig. sales trailers a bit cheaper though if budget is considered. redco i think is better than both id galvanised longevity

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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    Surprisingly last time i was at the ramp their were still loads of steel gal trailers with only a few alloy trailers the price of alloy is matching steel quiet fast and i am not seeing any drop in price on the steel gal trailers, i wish i had forked out $3500 for a new alloy trailer my DIY job is going to cost $3000 lol ah well its what i wanted

    if your budget is limitless or rather a decent budget look into a Australian made aluminium trailer your boat is only 15 foot so shouldn't cost to much and u know it will bee quality aluminium not Chinese stuff

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    Re: Trailer Replacement

    Quote Originally Posted by stevej View Post
    hubs and add ons arnt the issue,

    its the steel and gal used in the main frames isnt the same quality as years gone by
    even the galavanisers will tell people this
    Yep. That's what I was told. Gal processes are getting dearer to operate so corners are being cut. Glad I went ally.

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