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Phill we camped just up a bit further on the beach not to far from where the track came out.

As for the water it was full of iron with a real reddish colour I did drink it one night when i woke up in the horrors and couldn't find anything else with no noticable side effects.

As for the exact location of it I'm not 100% sure as I drove one of the boats in when the boys did the first run for water.

I did do a trip up there late one arvo with a skin full and know it was back around the salt pan a bit and off a little side track at the base of a small hill (not much help there sorry).

There was a black poly pipe running out of a hill into a cattle trough which was constantly running.

I did hear a rumour that the locals had closed it off a year or so ago after someone shot a scrub bull and left the carcass there.

I'll chat to the other guys and see if I can dig up some more info for you.
Phill the fresh water was just off the main track a k or two near that cloud bank in the google image.

Pretty much where the trees are a lot greener looking.