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Thread: Report 26 April Moreton Bay

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    Report 26 April Moreton Bay

    Was a reasonably early start for my birthday. I never really sleep well when I know I'm getting up early.

    Anyway, on the water about 5am. A little grey and a little lumpy heading out from Scarborough to the northern beacons.

    Was quiet early on and then the schoolies came through around 9am. Picked up two (one at 65cm) then headed off to get some squid and back at the ramp by midday.

    Guy fishing near me had picked up a decent 130cn tuna earlier on in the morning.

    Flattened right off by the time I came back and was a quick trip.

    Nothing too exciting but thought I'd share.

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    Re: Report 26 April Moreton Bay

    Thanks for sharing mate. I followed a school casting slugs for an hour or so to no avail.
    Watched them follow my sea iron 21gram super sprat all the way to the boat but could not get any interest.

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    Re: Report 26 April Moreton Bay

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the report

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