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    Re: Help me choose a new offshore bobbin reel!

    Line twist should not be an issue with proper spooling, decent baits, quality line, swivels that work and not winding with the drag slipping, end of story.

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    Re: Help me choose a new offshore bobbin reel!

    big difference - yeh and I hate braid, can't feel the buggers biting!
    ??? braid makes it very easy to feel them biting, faintest touch comes back up the line, Biggest problem most newcomers to braid have is that you feel every single thing, sinker bumping the bottom. Actual bites can be categorised by species, once you are used to it.
    Anyway, looks like you have already bought, but I was going to recommend, highly, the Fin-Nor Offshore 9500.Rugged as a tank, dirt cheap, ($140) , huge line capacity , and you get 1 metre retrieve per handle revolution. You can actually keep up with an Alvey Reefmaster, which gets 2m per every 3 revolutions . I generally own high end gear, my best spin reel is a Stella 18000, but the servicing costs on this every couple of years are what the Fin-Nor cost, new. Nowadays, I'm not a dedicated bottom basher, did it for a living in another life, rather chase pelagics nowadays. But I do understand it; we did some recently up in the northwest, and that big Fin-Nor, carrying 80lb braid, made short work of good fish in 80-90 metres of water.

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