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Thread: Steering seized

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    Steering seized

    Any suggestions Honda bf75
    tube stuck and seems to be turning the whole motor support shaft including big nut.Have removed grease nipples and sprayed crc but can not budge the teleflex shaft(have undone nut holding shaft).
    can not attach video

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    Re: Steering seized

    loosening the big nuts won't help in removing the steering shaft, and the grease nipples are only to lubricate the tilt tube, which the steering shaft runs through. physical persuasion is the only way to get it out, just don't bur over the end, as it wont go back through the tube.

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    Re: Steering seized

    Have tried hitting with a dead blow hammer with no movement,may have to try with block of wood and bigger hammer

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    Re: Steering seized

    Now I can not pull the cable through the helm point I think the plantey gears are broken as the wheel turns with no action on the cableAttachment 119057Attachment 119058

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    Re: Steering seized

    Sounds like she is well stuffed. If it makes life easier cut the cable away with an angle grinder - just make sure you protect your rig from sparks. From there, it is pretty much down to brute force and ignorance using something as a drift once you can no longer hit the steering rod directly. You may get better penetration with spray once you can get at both ends of the tilt tube.

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    Re: Steering seized

    Quote Originally Posted by ALOGT View Post
    Now I can not pull the cable through the helm point I think the plantey gears are broken as the wheel turns with no action on the cableAttachment 119057Attachment 119058
    yep, forcing the steering wheel will have that effect. cant see your attachments, definitely need a good solid hit to get those things moving. I think I have a spare steering wheel hub and cable in the shed (replaced with hydraulic steering) although I suspect it will be too long for you.

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    Re: Steering seized

    worst case scenario is to cut the cable as mentioned, then take the weight off the engine with a hoist, and take the tilt tube out. you can then use a press to force the shaft out.
    never understood why regardless of any brand, the tilt tube never have a grease nipple?

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    Re: Steering seized

    And when you do sort it out make sure you fit an O ring at the end before putting the nut on. Most tubes have a groove for one but it never seems to get utilized. Not on my previous boat nor the several of mates I've helped replace their steering with. When I bought my current boat and before I went hydraulic I removed the shafts from the tube cleaned her up lubed it reinserted it and ensured the O ring went in. Good as new when I removed it several years later as the boss bought me a hydraulic set up,bless her kind heart.

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    Re: Steering seized

    Did you undo the nut that holds the steering cable outer sheath to the tilt tube?

    You will need to find out the correct torque to re-tighten the tilt tube as there will be end play to account for or you could wing it with common sense.
    OMC V4 is...
    Torque tilt tube nuts to 24-26 ft. lbs (33-35 Nm) then loosen one nut by 1/8 to 1/4 turn.
    I'd wing it with 20 ft. lbs and back off 1/4 turn or see how it 'felt' while doing it.

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    Re: Steering seized

    Update got the shaft out of the motor with a brass drift and hammering was filled with hard grease the o ring on the port exit side of the shaft swipes any grease crc off before it gets to the pivot tube.Attachment 119067
    are the photos not showing because I used quick reply?

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    Re: Steering seized

    So I could not pull the cable through the helm,ended up drilling out the pressed over rivets to split the case to get cable out.194C5706-BBCE-4D6B-BEF1-8428A2484627.jpg
    then carefully straighten the knurled over steering shaft and prying off friction spring washer with 2 flat screwdrivers.6D9EFE89-0FB3-4BEF-8C21-0C8A8188D0EE.jpg
    Tiny dicast plantreys shattered.
    Are there any better helm than the teleflex.
    used advanced reply do the photos show?

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    Re: Steering seized

    If funds allow, have a serious think about just going hydraulic. After arguing multiple times with siezed cables for 15 years I will never have a cable steered boat again.

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    Re: Steering seized

    Looks like a 75-90 Honda.

    We remove cables regularly and ream them out with a 16mm masonry bit, you can buy a long one from bunnings

    We then only use lithium based spray grease with a small tube to spay and fill the cavity from the stbd side of the engine once you have undone the steering cable nut. Turn the engine hard to stbd allows a bigger cavity to spray the grease into.
    we also lubricate all steering cables this way when boats come in for servicing

    They key to good cable steering is correct maintenance and to keep it moving regularly
    Garry Ask us for an unbelievable Price on a new Honda

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    Re: Steering seized

    Yep one of the first Efi 75.
    Thanks for the tips will do that yearly.
    What would you recommend for the helm stay with teleflex or change to another brand?

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    Re: Steering seized

    Teleflex is OK, buy the best model available, or as mentioned, convert to hydraulic and enjoy your boating.

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