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    Garmin 7410 edge and shift functions

    hi ausfishers

    I'm not the most sounder literate fisho know a bit (enough to get me in trouble) and have been playing around in simulator mode on the garmin 7410 and noticed two functions which i have not used.

    function 1 is shift , anyone know the purpose or advantage of this function?

    function 2 is edge , same Q? as above

    does anyone use these functions and if so what for?


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    Re: Garmin 7410 edge and shift functions

    Shift is usually a full screen "zoom" for lack of a better description. You can set a range eg 40 metres and then shift it to say 50 metres and the sounder will show from 50 to 90 metres

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    Re: Garmin 7410 edge and shift functions

    From the manual edge is to do with bottom hardness but I've never run a sounder with it.

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    Re: Garmin 7410 edge and shift functions

    Thanks scottar

    might play with the edge function next time i'm on some flat country see if it will pick up soft spots in the bottom structure .

    shift looks like it might be good for watching the bottom at speed , looks like it will increase the pixical count without stretching the image the way zoom does.


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