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    Caloundra 13.04.2019

    Gday guys, just a quick report from today’s outing. We hit the Caloundra bar at 5.20am. Travelling to the bar I was thinking the wind was well less than was predicted. As we approached the bar, I was expecting sloppy conditions around the Bulcock beach area with an outgoing tide but it was all dead flat. I was thinking nice, seems like a pretty straight forward crossing. It was until we were about half way across then oh, where did all these waves come from. We wore 2 waves clean over the top of us and numerous others that were less than desirable. I must admit there was a bit of complacency as it looked pretty tame upon the approach. Lesson learnt however the Riptide did shake them off with no issues. We got to the most Northern beacon and the tide and wind was an issue so with not wanting to hit the beacon to get the bait, we moved on. We ended up around the 7 mile area at another bait mark for a few yakkas then continued toward the 12 mile. We anchored straight up as the wind was blowing well by now (about 7.00am). At 8.30am with 1 parity and 1 Mouri cod in the box I decided to punch it out to the 65m country looking for a pearly. It was a fair old slog and after arriving we found the current to be running quite hard. We anchored again as drifting was not an option. We ended up with a nice feed of parrot (all only between 35cm and 40cm) and a couple of amberjack. Not a single pearly or snapper!!!!!!! Not even an undersized fish all day. Interesting!!!!!! We pulled the pin at 1.30pm to head back and get some more yakkas for our next outing in case they are hard to find then. We did also get 1 nice squid at the 12 mile also. Body will be eaten and head hopefully will be converted into something quality to also be eaten. No pics as nothing really worthy of a mention let alone a picture. Very tough going but was expected in the conditions.


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    The wait is finally over.........was worth every minute..........let the RIPTIDE rip..........hell yehhhh

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    Re: Caloundra 13.04.2019

    Good work it sounds like a keen effort.

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