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    Re: Lucinda at Easter

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    Weather has been windy most of the boats in the van park are stationary, launching and heading up the channel is the go at the moment. But wet as at hinchinbrook island it’s amazing to see it raining and grey there all day .
    Few more boats turned up today and parked up , these blokes are going home to get the van or camper for next week apparently the park will be full next weekend.
    It's supposed to be improving over the coming days ….. I certainly hope it does. Yes I was told it would be busy over the long weekend ….. but hey , it is what it is .
    please keep the info coming

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    Re: Lucinda at Easter

    Few boats went out this morning, I head north tomorrow to the tablelands for Easter with some friends for a week then off to Cooktown. Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: Lucinda at Easter

    Monday it's coming down, apparently.

    The channel will be your best option

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