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    Offshore Brisbane 22/3/19

    I headed out off Moreton on Friday morning to beat the weekend rush. Left the ramp about 6.30 so had a late start.
    We trolled lures and Pillies first around Straddy and found a few mackerel sitting low in the water on the lul of the low tide. Couldnít get them to take a bait, slug or jig so we headed north to some deeper water and pulled up 2 tuskies at 38 and 40cm.
    At this stage we had heavy rain to the north, south and west of us but we were dry.
    The rain soon got us from the north so we faced into it and headed out to the 90m mark.
    The rain gave us some time to have lunch and sound around with the Furuno 588 recently fitted to the boat and as soon as it stopped raining we ran over a thick bait ball 20m off the bottom. The jugs went down and we had an instant double hookup
    I got smoked on 50lb but my mate landed a 65cm AJ. We lost 4 jigs, a pack of plastics and jig heads, snapped a rod, got sharked on a big AJ but the shark let us have the head, I almost got a big shark boat side that took a pillie on the bottom basher then snapped me off after we got a good look at him.
    I did manage to land a 50cm snapper amongst the commotion without getting taxed.
    We found a school of snapper high in the water column on the sounder at the end of our last drift but had to get going and leave them for another day.
    It was kaos for roughly 2 hours until we had to leave at 3pm to be home for 6.
    Itís a pity the esky didnít reflect the number of fish hooked.
    Great way to start the season.

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    Re: Offshore Brisbane 22/3/19

    Sounds like an expensive day out , at least you got a feed , better than spending the day at work though !
    Keep Ya Tip UP

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    Re: Offshore Brisbane 22/3/19

    A friend of a friend went out with ďOutlaw ChartersĒ today and bagged out on AJís by 10am.
    There are plenty out there.

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    Re: Offshore Brisbane 22/3/19

    Donít want to be a killjoy but you canít keep a taxed fish if it gets reduced to undersize...

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    Re: Offshore Brisbane 22/3/19

    Welldone - I went out off Mooloolaba Saturday and weather same but struggled to get fish interested

    Thanks for posting


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