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    Mobile Phone Coverage Offshore Brisbane


    I am getting a new phone and plan and wondering if there are any big differences between providers when offshore Brisbane.

    Is Telstra good for far greater distance offshore than Optus or is it a same same where both fade at 10-20km off Moreton?

    Thanks for any useful info


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    Re: Mobile Phone Coverage Offshore Brisbane

    Telstra only Trev if you want a little bit of service out on the shelf.
    Even then it is very patchy depending on your phone brand.
    Samsung seems to get the best reception out there that I have seen.

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    Re: Mobile Phone Coverage Offshore Brisbane

    Okay Samsung and Telstra.

    I was wondering how the Chinese spy phone would go - huawei mate 20 pro

    Sounds like Telstra is an absolute though - thanks


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    Re: Mobile Phone Coverage Offshore Brisbane

    Some will be better than others. My cheap samsung was promoted as a "bluetick" phone and seems to better than some mates more expensive sets. If you want peak performance try and find something that allows an external antenna. There are also range extenders (which were illegal but things may have changed).

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