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    Guys thinking of going out on Saturday and trolling outside Moreton. Would the Mackerel still be around?

    About 26 degrees around that area.

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    Re: Mackerel

    Short answer is yes , my mate caught 6 Spanish of the Goldie yesterday . Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: Mackerel

    I wish we got Spanish down here, might have to tow the tinny up there and get some for the freezer, sad to say, I buy them now and then from my local fish market when they are fresh, or of course someone could catch some for me........

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    Re: Mackerel

    Bluefin, did he say what he got them on?

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    Re: Mackerel

    There has been a heap at the 24's, diamond reef. I got a few on Sunday and missed a few in amongst the 50 plus boats.

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    Re: Mackerel

    Went out sunday just gone 24th November and trolled outside the green at flnders for a few hours. had two big hits but no catches.
    weather was terrible with a nasty northerly. I learnt a couple of things but this trolling is new to me and i have no idea what i am doing.
    Any hints and tips would be great.

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    Re: Mackerel

    Don't know much about your setup, but try different speeds and lures that suit the species, lots of lures require certain speeds to work best, so, not all lures can be used at the same time.

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    Re: Mackerel

    mostly ran 5inch mac bait from lively lures at about 6 to 7 knots, then i put on a dead gar rigged on a Head start trolling rig from i trolled this around 4 knots. the hits were on the 5inch mac bait in banana mac colour. water was 24.5 degrees.

    Rods just ran two as was solo. Both were Wilson Texalion overhead rods with Shimano Tyrnos reels and 50lb braid, about 5metres of 60lb leader. Also the gar was under the down rigger but it was too rough for that.

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    Re: Mackerel

    If the spanish are there, the best technique I've found locally is to troll live baits - dead slow - just in gear. Slimey's are the better of the two most commonly used baitfish but most of the time they will hit yakkas too. Small trevally will also get attention. Need to use a stinger hook and it can be frustrating at times with missed strikes ( how they can remove a section of baitfish with surgical precision between two hooks still amazes me) but when it comes together it can be absolute mayhem. One of our hottest sessions saw half a dozen strikes with 3 fish boated in the first 500 metres from the baits being deployed. The downrigger is also a good tool for this with other species also coming into play.

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    Re: Mackerel

    We dont get macks down this far that i know of but i know someone that trolls 7-8inch rapalas very fast i mean boarder line planing in a small 4.6m tinny

    I troll the slightly bigger rapalas and halcos find the rapalas go off down here but the bibs always need tuning

    You can tell when a lure is working by watching the rod tip if it vibrates the lure is working ifthe rod tip pulls loose than tight your going to fast and the lure is skipping

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