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Thread: Newell reels

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    Newell reels

    anyone know anything about Newell reels recently picked up a C344-5 Newell overhead on a sabre rod seemed like a well balanced set up think it will make a good float liner for snapper , bought it on a whim just seemed to have a nice feel to it.

    haven't heard of these reels before looks and feels like and old school reel. any one have any experience or thoughts on them?

    Thanks BigE

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    Re: Newell reels

    Haven't seen one for years, they were kind of the top shelf gear once, I think they might have been Aus made?

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    Re: Newell reels

    Original Newell are considered collectable

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    Re: Newell reels

    awesome story line , he must have been a driven man.

    not sure if i should fish it or just keep it? it looks to be in really good nick and sounds like the sabre rod is the intended stick for it.


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    Re: Newell reels

    I had a Newell upgraded Penn Jigmaster Reel a while back, had it for years, until it got lifted by some scum bag.
    The upgrade pieces, made that old jigmaster, my absolute go to reel, the equal of anything modern, they are very hard to come by now days
    And as soon as i see another one, I will be grabbing it quick smart.... awesome tecnology.


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    Re: Newell reels

    Was it the Jigmaster that had a little thumb screw that you could undo to pull the reel to pieces without tools? I used to have one, and I am sure that's the reel, by the way, mine also got stolen, along with some other gear.

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    Re: Newell reels

    Hi Noel, Yes, that's the reel, the old Penn Squidders from 1939 first started that feature, and the Jigmasters had them too.
    The whole Idea was that you could change spools really quickly on the spot, without the need for screw drivers etc.
    I can't remember ever needing to, or carrying the extra spool, but it was a great feature.
    There are blokes in the U.S who still have Newell parts for some of these older reels and you can pick them up to vamp up an old Penn or similar.
    Tiburon and accurate offer upgrade parts for these reels still as well.
    I am just looking into a project to either doing up an old Jigmaster, Squider or a 6/0 senator at the moment, they offer one piece frames, either narrow or wider spools, stainless gear changes etc the list goes on, the only thing that remains vintage about it, is the old bakerlite side plates.
    Why,,, heaven knows, I just like tinkering. I guess a kitted up vintage reel, tricked up with all the bits ends up costing around 3-400, but you end up with a custom built tank. My last project I did, was about 10 years ago, a 6/0 Senator, you honestly cant break it, it has the capabilty of around 30lb drag, which I could never fish it at that level, but I've dragged in some huge fish with it, all the way up to a decent sized tuna.
    I have a few modern reels, but I'll be buggered if I'm going to spend 1k plus on a stella, I'd rather play with my old relics........
    This photo is a 1939 Squidder, but as mentioned, the same thumbscrew as the Jigmaster, you might just see the screw head dome on the right hand side of the head plate. I'd luv to give this reel a fish, but it's too rare and I'd probably ruin it....


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