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Thread: Hi there!

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    Hi there!

    G'day all. New guy here.

    Thought of joining because I have just bought a new boat. Would like to do a few jobs and need some ideas.
    Not new to boating though. Was rowing a wooden boat at age 5 and driving a 12m barge at age 13. All good fun.

    At the moment I am working on a Steber 2200 Persuader, powered by a Nanni Diesel 4.50. Toying with the idea of repowering with a Yanmar 4JH3-DTE to get her up to plane, with the Nanni it is displacement only. Nothing wrong with going slow, but a bit of a "cultural shock" after having a Sea Ray 180 for 10 years.

    Keep a tinnine 12' with 5HP Mercury just for the kids fishing, since I have a no fishing policy from the boat.

    Hope to get to know you all.
    By for now.

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    Re: Hi there!

    Welcome to the madhouse.

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    Re: Hi there!

    hey mate , i like the look of them boats , neat cruiser indeed, never seen these before , be hard to get a trailer under these wouldnt it? would this boat have a keel of some type under her..being displacement would be slower off course but would be very capable at sea though im thinking..welcome aboard.

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