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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    still no success with the gen 1 legacy patch upgrade

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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    Thanks Patrol and Moonlighter for the info on both threads.

    I will try downloading the file from a different PC as suggested and let you know how it goes.

    I did save my waypoints before I attempted the update but I'm still concerned about doing a hard reset and losing everything. How can I be sure that my data is saved on the SD card? What format should the file be in and roughly what size?? I have lots of marks that I don't want to lose!

    Also, what is the process of doing a hard reset and will I need to update software (other than the legacy patch) after doing one?

    Thanks again for your help. As everything is working as it should at the moment, I'm considering not doing anything and waiting for doomsday in April to strike. I guess if its not broken don't fix it?!


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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    by the way moon lighter i appreciate the effort yu made to help on this issue

    and i have tried another download off a second computer i own to no avail - but i shall try another download to a card off a mates computer during the week - and we shall see what happens as lowrance cs have basically thrown up their hands and said sorry too hard so must be a hard drive problem - which seem pretty unlikely now that joffe has thrown up the same error

    joffe if you look at the sd saved waypoints card on the computer it will show you that it has a download on it and its size even though you shouldnt be able to open it in teh computer --and of course you could run it through one of my hds units to check the waypoints if you like - might be a few on ther i dont have

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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    Well ... in 1999 Y2K was supposed to be the end of the world as we know it.
    And we know what happened ... or rather what did not.

    A storm in a teacup seems like an exaggeration for this one.

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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    y2k, lol,

    I nearly went back to programming cobol, they were offering silly money

    We just bought a new garmin for the platey so will wait and see guess, we don;t fuss to much on em, sounder , bait balls and bottom/depth and gps to our marks.


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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    joffe a soft reset is CONTINUE to hold the pages key and then hit the powers key and then can accept english ( can let go the pages key now ) and reset the basic settings it will ask - you should not lose waypoints or most of the set up with soft reset

    a hard reset is Continue to hold down both the + and - keys and then hit the power key and again accept english ( can let go the + and - keys now ) and accept the set up menus it wull ask you - you can potentailly lose everything including waypoints and your individual settings with hard reset


    1. Turn unit OFF
    2. Press and hold the PAGES key
    3. Press and Release the PWR key
    4. Release all buttons when the USA map appears (or it asks for language - english )

    1. Turn unit OFF
    2. Press and hold the ZIN&ZOUT Keys at the same time
    3. Press and Release the PWR key
    4. Release all buttons when the USA map appears ( or it asks for language - english )

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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    old hand held gps 60 garmin all i had to do is select new location. then it asked to search automatically i said yes. back in business

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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    Quote Originally Posted by Marco1 View Post
    Well ... in 1999 Y2K was supposed to be the end of the world as we know it.
    And we know what happened ... or rather what did not.

    A storm in a teacup seems like an exaggeration for this one.
    I have said this many times before, but, to the home computer user Y2K was a non event, but, behind the scenes it was a lot of work, just think about companies that pay electronically, time/date stamps on transactions, even down to car rego details, lots of equipment needed attention, some were simple software patches, some required hardware upgrades brought forward, lots of things happened that you didn't see, the world didn't end, no doubt about it, but for those working for months before and having no real world testing, it was "interesting"

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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    I see in the paper the other day there was an item that predicted doom and gloom over this, what ever happened to responsible journalism, so much of it has the journalists personal slant on it and not all the facts reported.

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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    Hi Patrol,

    Just like you, I have tried a different SD card and downloaded from a different computer and had the same error and freezing during the upgrade process. I have just downloaded the file again from Moonlighter's dropbox so will try again in the morning. I think I'll do a soft reset first and then see what happens.

    I assume you didn't manage to sort yours out Patrol??

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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    no mate no luck so far - i have tried at least 5 or 6 times now with 3 different cards and each time get the same error and then locks up - and that carnt be good for it i reckon - so i am just going to leave it be for now and see what happens in april i think - and it would not surprise me to see a new (or amended) gen 1 legacy patch appear on the navico site before that date

    and maybe get in touch with Lowrance CS and have a chat about the issue - i got a distinct impression they have had this errror notice come up on the gen 1 before and i was not the first


    interested that you were able to download the legacy patch from the dropbox cause when i tried to get moonlighters file it blocked me and would not let me dowwnload the upd file

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    GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    That’s no good Patrol.

    I updated my Garmin 75 yesterday without a hitch.

    Just a suggestion - read over lowrance instructions on downloading update just to make sure you got it exact

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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    come on shakey ( but then again a dragons supporter so not all that surprising ) - 5 or 6 goes and same error comes up every time - and yes i have read the lowrance methodolgy of the gen 1 legacy upgrade more than once (in fact sick of the sight of it) - after all i only have 4 x lowrance hds units (gen 1, gen 2 ,gen 2 T, and gen 3 ) plus structscan HD and a Sonar Hub that i upgrade as needed - if and when it the upgrade works which based on past experience can at times be in the lap of the Lowrance programming Gods - which is why i never rush in to do an upgrade when first released and usually give it a month or three before i try it in the hope lowrance has resolved any bugs that are in it first up


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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    I just did a soft reset (wish I'd paid more attention to my settings before I did it!). I then tried to update using the Legacy patch from Moonlighters dropbox but had the same error message and freeze during install.

    I don't have many options left like Patrol other than to wait for April and see what happens with my unit.

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    Re: GPS roll over date BE AWARE !

    I doubt if you will have issues come 6 April.

    Why do I say that?

    Because the Lowrance and Simrad GPS chip runs a 1000 week cycle, and that cycle ended back in late October last year.

    That was when issues first cropped up with the early Simrad and Lowrance units not showing the correct date and time.

    And that was what prompted Navico to develop and release the software patches for affected units.

    Now that I have read thru it again, there were however a few isolated reports on the thread linked below to people who had Gen1 HDS who found that their units would not “take” the patch.

    Those cases all had one thing in common - their time and date was still correct after the end of October last year. It appears that some random HDS Gen1 units were not affected by this issue, probably because they had a different GPS chip to the norm.

    (see for example post #66 from JHerbert in the thread linked below)

    Joff and Patrol, are your units currently showing correct time and date when locked onto satellites?

    If so, I think its unlikely anything at all will happen on 6 April.

    So at this stage I would suggest leaving them alone and not try to upload the patch again.

    What I would suggest is that if your units are not playing nice now, is simply backing up waypoints and sertings to a SD card, then do a hard reset. Given all the attempts youve made to unsuccessfully update, that can mess things up, so a reboot by doing the hard reset usually settles things down again. Then reload the waypoints etc.

    But if everything is running good now, leave it alone and carry on would be my suggestion.

    This is the thread on The Hull Truth that started it all, have a read.

    If your units do lose time and date after 6 April (doubtful), then you wont be the only ones, and it will fall back on Navico to profuce another patch, which shouldnt be hard given they have already done the legwork on developing the fix for the earlier issue.

    Testing done by our THT Navico expert Abbor indicates that all that happens if units ARE affected is that they lose time and date, but otherwise function normally. Might need to do a cold start where the unit is turned on and left for a few hours to reacquire satellites. After that should be OK. Except no tide data as tides linked to time and date.
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