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    Tropical esky cracked - fixable?

    I have had this tropical esky ice box for somewhere over 10 years. Not sure exactly. Been in the boat, ute and trailer, but I have never abused it. Had small blocks inside it as well as bags of ice and stubbies of course but surely none of that would crack it. Got home from camping in January and noticed one big crack in the middle and closer inspection actually 3 cracks. Yes, it is getting on but can't be UV damage inside the esky. Question are:
    1. Are these types of cracks repairable - ie would a repair have any strength?
    2. Is it worthwhile to repair - cost etc.?
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    Re: Tropical esky cracked - fixable?

    The large crack about 2/3 of the way down is fairly obvious. The other two cracks are the small dark spots in the top right corner. Tropical 85 litre. Out of warranty.

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    Re: Tropical esky cracked - fixable?

    This from the tropical website "will not chip, craze or break". Myth busted!
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    Re: Tropical esky cracked - fixable?

    All you can do is try them and see if you can get a replacement. Otherwise you will need to either try a repair, I think a hot soldering iron with some strip of poly plastic material or you can find a plastics repairer near you, no idea what they charge.

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