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Thread: Aldi heads Up

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    There is cars stored in every square metre of land, there is trucks non stop 24hrs a day carting them towards Sydney, at least 4 ships unload every week, sometimes more, don't know where those cars go, but they are stored everywhere, the big silos are the grain terminal, Port Kembla is pretty busy again, the town of Port Kembla is almost a ghost town though, some residential parts are quite ritzy, they moved the primary school that used to be beside the big smoke stack to a spot over looking MM beach.

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    Re: Aldi heads Up

    Yep , those Silos i was referring to were sth west of that bridge that crosses that waterway. Was all swampland then. Been all filled in now and used for car Storage . When visiting the BIL in Wollongong Hospital would see those Car Carrier ships cruise down towards Port Kembla Harbour all the time ..

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    Re: Aldi heads Up

    Talking of memeories , just got these off another site . Pristine ..
    Attachment 118687
    Loooooong Drop.jpg
    Memory 10.jpg
    memory 15.jpg
    memory 13.jpgMemory 2.jpg

    And ya have to be a bit of an old fart to remember these ???..

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    Re: Aldi heads Up

    Certainly remember the old outdoor toilet, and I used to repair those washing machines, a Coca Cola yo-yo was a prized possession, and a girl I used to "know" had an FJ Holden that had 3 on the tree, no synchro on first, didn't need a key, a 20 cent coin would short out the ignition switch perfectly.

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    Noel,dont you mean a 2 bob bit for the ignition switch?
    Not all tools are usefull.
    Nappies and politicians should be changed regularly for the same reason..

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    Yes correct, certainly pre decimal days, mind you, she had that car for a long time, might have used a 20c at some time? wonder what happened to that car, funny how cars you took for granted are now worth big money, I had an FC panel van in great condition, haven't seen one for years now, and I had a HT350 Monaro, with a mint now dam it!!

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    Just mulling things over, do you think it would be possible to find out what happened to a certain car? I am pretty sure the rego people must keep track of stuff like that, but I wonder how far back they keep records, and if all the old paper type records got ported over to computer data?

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    Re: Aldi heads Up

    FX Holden with a whole heap of sigs on the dash of who had ridden in it lol.

    And yes to all the above pics
    Coke yo_yo
    Same washing machine in Figtree.

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