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Thread: email fail

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    email fail

    It seems I will turn off my email notifications as I no longer get them on a regular basis but every few months get them all at once, 700 over the weekend. Is it a bug in the forum or is it something I've done in my settings.

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    Re: email fail

    I got a heap as well over the weekend.
    It's not the first time this has happened but it is very annoying.

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    Re: email fail

    I see that others are having the same problem, although I didn't have that many, I got about 30 in one night. Probably a software glitch. I messaged a moderator and also the webmaster, seems to have been fixed as I haven't received any more since. I wouldn't mind if they were actually updates to the watched threads but most had not been updated at all and some were months old.

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    Re: email fail

    Yep. They go back months, often get 20 or 30 but close to 700 this time around.

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    Re: email fail

    I am getting them too. All week end. Didnt see anyone else complaining so I thought it must just be me. I was going to ask the question but it seems you guys beat me to it.
    The emails arent updates either ,just random stuff.
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