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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    Thanks Noelm, Yes a Boab boat looks to be a very good option in Sydney, especially as they allow you to go up to 2 miles to sea. But I would sorta like to take a boat to, say, trout lakes up north or south, or up the east coast fishing small towns, or up a river for perch or yellowbelly, ...

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    Best option then is to buy your own, there is lots a good priced second hand boats around.

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    Quote Originally Posted by neilglick View Post
    Commiserations TheGurn,

    Bah! Children. So much generosity; so little appreciation (my son is the same).

    Do you live nearish to Castlecrag (in Sydney), NSW? Depending on the boat, I may be happy to pay $200 + fuel each time I use it for a day. Maybe I'd also need to take out some sort of insurance.
    Nah. Sorry, I'm in Brisbane. Kids ... woulda chopped my pecker off if I knew how much trouble they can be. (Just kidding. Luv all 5 of my adult troublemakers)
    Honestly, I strongly recommend getting your own boat. Be free.

    Good luck and cheers.

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    Oh yeah. Forget to mention the same son went halvsies with his brother in a dunger boat for mud crabbing and prawning. (I forbid it in the big boat). They have had quite a few issues around who's paying for any maintenance and repairs between them. They live 100klms apart too, (one lives on the coast and obviously uses it more than the other) so that raises some interesting conversations about where the boat lives as well. Luckily the boat was a pretty good one at an exceptional price so it seems to have become a contest between them to see who can kill it permanently first. I can only imagine what would be the case if one of them was meticulous and the other couldn't care if it burst into flames and sunk. It was cheap after all.

    Just another thing to consider about "sharing"


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