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    Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    I'm a keen fisherman and would love to buy a boat (preferably used) but I'd like 2 partners so I don't feel guilty if I don't use it every week. And, of course, share costs 3 ways. I'm hoping for a purchase cost of less than $10,000 each.

    I'm thinking an aluminium boat with around a 70hp 4-stroke but am flexible. Boats of most interest to me are something like a Quintrex 4.81 Cruise About (a bowrider) or 4.90 Fishabout (with a walkthru windscreen to the anchor well). A side console is also a possibility. Other brands of interest are Stacer, Stessco, Savage, Formosa, Horizon and Bluefin.

    I live in Willoughby, Sydney and it would be convenient if my partners live less than 15km from me. We would jointly decide and document a sharing arrangement that works for all of us.

    If interested please reply here or email me on

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    utter madness

    families have broken up over shared boats let alone randoms doing it, there are share schemes already in place with the security of a overriding company protecting people

    just buy your own second hand boat within your budget and spare yourself the grief
    someone busts a prop or does damage and arguments happen over who pays one guy uses it ten times more then the other and needs more services
    alos giving 10k to someone you dont know and letting them hold the asset is just stupid

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    Smile Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    Thanks stevej for your comments. I generally share your concerns but have the foolish idea that I can sort these out before I jump in the deep end. After all many of us have girlfriends and wives that turn out to be quite a challenge (as we can be to them).

    The only sort of suitable share scheme I've discovered is under the Anzac Bridge but the boats offered (Compass 165cc) are a rather poor design for fishing, can't be taken out the Heads, and (most important) can't be trailered to wherever I choose.And 'all' this at a cost of ~$350 per month when used once per month. The shared solution will cost us each about $450-$500 per month.

    I'm hoping having 3 partners and a written agreement between us will short-circuit most issues that arise. Although I'm sure there will be issues we haven't anticipated and I hope to be able to steer the threesome to a negotiated decision without too much angst. Any partnership has its risks and rewards. We will meet a few times before the purchase and I hope this might help decide whether we can truly get along.

    Want to share a boat Steve ;-)?

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    lol not a chance i aint a idiot
    id rather live within my means and be happy with the boat i could afford

    your basically giving money to a stranger, if a civil criminal case for negligence was brought against one of you for say poor servicing or defects your all involved

    this is the most simple issue
    use 1 uses it once per year
    user 2 uses it 5 times per year
    user 3 uses it 40 times per year requiring 4 services because he trolls a lot

    user 1 and 2 are going to be pissed off the 3rd guy has run up so many hours and depreciated the boat more as well just due to use

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    Years ago I was sharing the cost of a ski boat between 3 of us and it worked well for 6-8 years but it did cause a problem eventually and I swore never to get involved in that sort of arrangement EVER again . Buy your own boat boat with your own money and then your the captain and you can go whenever and wherever you want . Matt
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    old saying in the country..

    never share your wife or your chainsaw..they will both come home rooted.

    really cant see this one working sounds reasonable but..I reckon for $10000..I would find a boat and own it outright... the mind set of "guilt" about owning it is not a good reason to avoid owning.

    new member?????Software done a woops?

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    Thanks inverrata,

    Yes, new member. What's the whoops?

    For $10,000, yes, I can get a boat on my own and, thanks to you all, I'm starting to see reason. Maybe the guilt will be easier to bear than the ongoing negotiation and disappointment.

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    Quote Originally Posted by neilglick View Post
    Yes, new member. What's the whoops?

    For $10,000, yes, I can get a boat on my own and, thanks to you all, I'm starting to see reason. Maybe the guilt will be easier to bear than the ongoing negotiation and disappointment.

    Woops not directed at you Neil....Ausfish has done something weird to my logo!

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    I have yet to find anyone with this arrangement where it has worked. 2 mates of mine did come close, they never had an argument over any usage etc but one of them decided to move north to Mission Beach so the agreement had to be terminated, boat sold and each had to go out and buy their own boat. One thing you would need to consider as Stevej hinted at is Liability Insurance (I wouldn't even think of entering such an arrangement without one) and I'm sure if you priced that into your scheme you would quickly decide to not go ahead as it can be quite expensive. Anyone who's owned boats before knows there is much more to paying for a boat and paying for servicing and what your attempting is virtually a commercial arrangement especially if you are going to enter into a contract and then you "may" find that your boat will have to be in survey before insurers will look at you, more expense.
    Personally for the size boat you are looking for I would spend a bit more and buy it yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labour as there are some reasonable boats second hand out there.

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    I went halvsies with my son in a new boat. Shortly after ... 3 back operations from bouncing back to shore in the psssenger seat in some serious weather, and I can't go offshore anymore. So I had to buy myself a smaller boat for inshore/estuary. The kid seldom uses it, (away 3 out of 4 weeks) and when he does it's always offshore with his mates where I can't go.
    Do you think I can convince him to sell the bloody thing? Or buy my share? Do you think I'm tired of putting money aside each month for my share of the rego, insurance, services, maintenance etc?
    Do you think I'm tired of chasing him up every month for his share of the costs? Basically I've bought him half a bloody expensive boat and I still have to buy petrol to run the thing on my driveway every month.
    Love the boy dearly but strewth.... what a pain in the ar$! that idea turned out to be.

    DON'T DO IT !!! Lol.

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    I can see a world of pain

    The only way I could see it working would be a couple of long time mates who fish together all the time & decide to buy a boat together ....... They only fish together & share all the costs .
    Outside of that ..... no

    Give a man a fish & he will eat for a day !
    Teach him how to fish
    & he will sit in a boat - & drink beer all day!

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    why not just spend your share on charter fishing trips, no hassles and you dont clean the fish. you get to enjoy what its all about and thats relaxation and having fun.

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    Commiserations TheGurn,

    Bah! Children. So much generosity; so little appreciation (my son is the same).

    Do you live nearish to Castlecrag (in Sydney), NSW? Depending on the boat, I may be happy to pay $200 + fuel each time I use it for a day. Maybe I'd also need to take out some sort of insurance.

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    Hire a Boab boat anytime you want to fish, makes it pretty easy, or as mentioned, a charter, had first hand experience in a boat partnership, would not recommend it.

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    Re: Like to share a boat (in Sydney)?

    Thanks catshark, a great idea for some but I'm a bit of a loner and, for most of the time, simply want to fish light for flathead, bream, mulloway, whiting, squid, etc. in the estuaries. And, yes, the occasional duck out to sea for snapper and pelagics. Yes, I could hire a fishing guide but this would be very expensive over time.

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