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Thread: Where to fish around Hasting Point?

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    Where to fish around Hasting Point?

    Hi folks,
    Spending my holiday at Hosting Point at the moment. I tried fishing at beach and creek. Unfortunately I found nothing but tiny fish.
    Could anyone tell me where to fish at Hastings point please. I still have two days to go.
    Your quick reply will be much appreciated.


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    Re: Where to fish around Hasting Point?

    Been a long time but there are usually a few bream from the various headlands in the area. We also used to get some nice flathead on plastics upstream from the bridge at Pottsville wading the banks at low tide.

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    Re: Where to fish around Hasting Point?

    thank u very much. scottar.
    we left hasting point thismorning. but I got a good sized bream off the rock before departure.

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    Re: Where to fish around Hasting Point?

    Old thread, but, for anyone else searching ...

    The Hastings Point headland has quite a few good flat rocks from which to fish ... so too the next headland North (Cabarita, called Norries Headland) although rock to water can be a further distance.

    The creak at Hastings from the bridge upstream is known to produce Flatties.The creek in Pottsville too as Carl noted.

    The beaches from Cabarita to Hastings and then Hastings to Pottsville, and even further south to Wooyung all fish well. As usual, tides, winds, and beach conditions (gutters etc) vary throughout the year.

    The 'rock outcrop' South of Pottsville known as "Black Rocks" is a known to produce fish most times of the year too.

    So, if you're in the area, there are quite a few land based options.

    PS: If you have young kids and want to take them fishing, there is a good hole on the west side of the bridge at Hastings Point which always has small bream ... light tackle, small hook and half a prawn will produce ongoing bites and hook ups for the kids to enjoy a bit of fishing fun.
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