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    A small “summary” report...first 4 outings

    As we have said elsewhere, we’ve had a loooooong absence from fishing. Our new local fishing area is now the Pummicestone Passage.

    Anywhoo, we’ve ducked out for 4 quick trips over the past week and a bit, flicking plastics and generally exploring the area, getting to know it just a tiny bit.

    The boating and PWC traffic is a bit intense, BUT we’ve managed a keeper flatty (47, 48, 50) on three of those trips, and a promising array of near to keeper bream and flatties. To be fair we’ve covered a big area and spent quite a few hours for these returns BUT we are encouraged, and its great to be fishing again!

    It doesn’t look like many people post reports here these days...has it become secretive amongst anglers??

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    Re: A small “summary” report...first 4 outings

    Just to let you know, ive fished the passage for the last 8 years and the same routine has happened every year, fishing really picks up when the water cools, ie april , from then you can expect good catches of flathead, this all ends in October with the warmer weather, don't ask me why but its followed the same pattern for 8 years now, and the fish are along the edges of the bigger sand banks that are exposed at low tide..

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