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    Saw fish information required please.

    Copy of email Cheers
    From: Niall Byrne []
    Sent: Tuesday, 8 January 2019 1:40 PM
    To: ''
    Cc: ''
    Subject: Have you seen a sawfish?

    Dear Queensland Amateur Fishing Clubs Association,

    Could your members help us find out what’s happening to sawfish?

    I’m writing on behalf of Barbara Wueringer, the director of Sharks and Rays Australia (SARA). She wants to hear about your sightings – a live fish, a saw on the wall of your local pub, or a photo from your family album

    Forty years ago, sawfish were regularly seen off Sydney and the east coast, and Perth and up the west coast. Today they’re rarely seen outside of the Gulf of Carpentaria, NT and the Kimberley .
    Your sightings, no matter how long ago they happened, will help us work out how many sawfish there used to be, how many remain, and how we can help them recover.

    Here’s a copy of a media release we’ve issued about the call to action. You can report sightings and find out more about the project at

    We’re also discussing the project on social media @SharksAndRaysAu, where we’ve shared some footage of sawfish hunting.

    Kind regards,


    Niall Byrne

    Creative Director
    Science in Public
    82 Hudsons Road, Spotswood VIC 3015
    0417 131 977
    Or call the office on 03 9398 1416
    Full contact details at

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    Re: Saw fish information required please.

    I sawed one on telly the other day.

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    Re: Saw fish information required please.

    The problem with them is the nets, the saw tangles up and they roll the net up, the ones caught in Barra nets up north are all killed due to the danger in realising them alive. In the past in southern regions I would say this was also the case, but in those time the saw was cut off and either kept as a souvenir or sold on the local pubs or markets.

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    Re: Saw fish information required please.

    yeah can imagine they get caught in the nets, mostly probably already dead when hauled up. kind of a ancient sea creature, whats the purpose of the sword anyhow , maybe just to keep other sharks off them i suppose.

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