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    Overhead Bulkhead Style Compass

    Evening all, i'll hit the shops tomorrow but has anyone ever found a compass that can be mounted into the vertical face of an overhead radio locker, would mean it would need to be viewable from the underside. Kind of an "ovehead bulkhead" style. Looking at the varios bulkhead mount styles on line they would still require viewing from above. I'll check out whitworths tomorrow bit just thought i'd ask the question. To many gadgets, cant find room for the compass!!

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    Re: Overhead Bulkhead Style Compass

    is this any help

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    Re: Overhead Bulkhead Style Compass

    Unless you going to get it swung, mounting it in the radio locker puts it in amongst the speaker magnets so in all likelihood it won't be accurate anyway. Option "B" is to carry a quality hand bearing unit - unless of course you actually use it regularly

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    Re: Overhead Bulkhead Style Compass

    MyWay, i did see those but was usure as to if they would be workable looking from underneath, i was going to drop them a call and ckeck some similiar styles out.

    Scottar, i'm strating to think that a quality hand unit in the emergencey bag is a good option if i cant find something that works, note that the only speaker i have is in the vhf and thats a solid 800mm away so i figures i should get away with it. I'm probably just to used to haveing a compass!!

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    Re: Overhead Bulkhead Style Compass

    Be mindful there are also motors in CD players and a lot of them still run steel chassis - steel has better noise shielding characteristics than alloy and is cheaper. 800 mm for the speaker is probably ok - easiest way to tell is to simply put the compass next to it and see what happens to the reading as it gets closer. Another option (if you don't have one already) although somewhat more costly is an electronic compass or better still an autopilot with a dedicated display - it will have a compass readout - just need to find a spot with minimal magnetism for the compass sensor.

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    Re: Overhead Bulkhead Style Compass

    Scottar, i gve a garmin ap with a ghp 20 dedicated display thath has the compass ribbong, that twigged to be yesterday so no real need, i'll get a decent hand held unit i think.

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    Re: Overhead Bulkhead Style Compass

    A hand held will suffice as there is a requirement in qld is for a compass in partially smooth waters and beyond, and I don't know if the regs have changed to allow electronic substitution.

    Just checked , it is in the "should" section,

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