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Thread: Talica help

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    Talica help

    A certain store has good discounts on reels atm so Iím looking for a new overhead for bottom bashing and some (not much) jigging. I usually fish pe4 for bottom bashing so thinking either Talica 8,10 or 12. The smaller ones hold enough line so look the goods. Anyone own one who can offer some advice?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Talica help

    Billy did you end up getting a reel?
    I got a 10 for christmas but havent paired it with a rod yet. a mate has a 12 and he loves it

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    Re: Talica help

    Nah mate I couldnít get to the store in time to have a good look. I have since though and like the look of the 10. Now just got to wait for them to come on sale again!


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    Re: Talica help

    i've got 2 of the fin nor lethal 20s they aren't as pretty as a talica but half the price. good line capacity, nice smooth drag, under $200
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    Re: Talica help

    Check out online prices from overseas stores. I saved a lot of $$ doing that. Note not all OS tackle stores deliver to aust.

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    Re: Talica help

    I have a Talica 16ii. Pricey but great. Don't know if I'd bother with the 2 speed again. I have only used the lower retrieve when attached to sharks but I guess the day might come when I need it for a monster red

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    Re: Talica help

    Can't help with your Talica reels but you may wish to consider looking at the Okuma Makaira MK-10II and MK-15II reels as well, they are a really nice reel, quiet and really smooth, no background noise from the ratchets.

    I was considering the Tiagras until I cranked them in my hand, the Makairas won hands down, and now I have two of them although having said that I am selling the smaller and unused MK-30II as I will only use one, my wife bought me a bigger one for my birthday.

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    Re: Talica help

    Iíve been using Fin-not primal offshore for reds. Itís an awesome little reel. Was going to buy s talica but the smaller profile of the primal makes winding up from 60m+ a breeze.

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