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    1770 to Fitzroy Reef & Lady Musgrave Is

    Hi everyone, the wife and I are looking to launch the boat (Bar Crusher 615C) out of 1770 and head out to Fitzroy Reef the weekend after next.

    We have never been there before so any advice would be appreciated.

    The first thing I want to understand is what weather conditions should we call it off? The plan is to launch mid afternoon on the Friday (with the high tide) so Iím expecting the wind to be up a little. Is it worth punching through chop to find calmer conditions on the reef or will it be crap out there too?

    If we do decide to call it off, what are the options for sheltered water.. Turkey Beach, Gladstone?

    if the conditions are right, the plan is to head to Fitzroy Reef And stay in the lagoon there Friday night. After fishing on Saturday, head south to Lady Musgrave to spend the night there. Head back to 1770 Sunday after lunch to pull the boat out a couple of hours before high tide.

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    Re: 1770 to Fitzroy Reef & Lady Musgrave Is

    1770 out to Fitzroy lagoon is about 60km in a direct line. So your round trip 1770 - Fitzroy - Musgrave - 1770 is going to run something like 200kms + depending on how much running around fishing you do or more if you go wide (E) of the reefs to deeper waters.

    First question is do you have the fuel capacity to do such a trip, with plenty in reserve?

    Any weather 15 knots or more is going to be uncomfortable. Its a long run thru open waters that chop up fast. Yes, close inside the reef is better especially in a NE but any S or SE means a run almost directly back into it for 60kms at least.

    I am sure others will chime in but we try to find days where predicted winds are 10knots or less, maybe a burst or two to 15 is Ok.

    NW of any strength are crap for fishing IMO up there.
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    Re: 1770 to Fitzroy Reef & Lady Musgrave Is

    I have 200l of fuel underfloor which gives around 300k range, plus Iím planning on 60l reserve in jerries strapped to the rear duck board.

    going off the past few weeks, I think the winds are going to N something. Probably not the best time of the year, but we are keen to get out. Will definitely have a plan B for a sheltered water option.

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    Re: 1770 to Fitzroy Reef & Lady Musgrave Is

    Best to log on with VMR Round Hill for safety purposes also.

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    Re: 1770 to Fitzroy Reef & Lady Musgrave Is

    Do you have any WPs for entry and anchorage in Fitzroy, a few bom is inside the lagoon you would want to avoid., send me a PM if you want some.

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    Re: 1770 to Fitzroy Reef & Lady Musgrave Is

    Iíd call it off if the forecast was 10-15knots. Be a horrible trip.
    Def need 10 knots variable at some stage in the forecast. Or your wife will hate you itís open ocean swell down that way. Add in a 15knot chop and itís brutal.

    Another option is tow the boat to mackay/ Whitsunday area further north. More options in marginal weather.

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    Re: 1770 to Fitzroy Reef & Lady Musgrave Is

    Yeah, the forecast isnít looking too flash at the moment but itís still a week out. I guess iíll make a call next Thursday night.

    Time to make sure I have a plan B and C. Mackay is a little too far for a weekend trip, but Yeppoon might be achievable for a trip around the Keppel islands, which appear to have more sheltered water options.

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    Re: 1770 to Fitzroy Reef & Lady Musgrave Is

    Actually next weekend is looking almost reasonable.

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    Re: 1770 to Fitzroy Reef & Lady Musgrave Is

    On fish ranger, Friday mid afternoon when we plan to launch looks to be 15 knots plus and Sunday when we plan to return is 20 knots. Saturday looks like it would be ok. I dunno how much trust I can put in these reports as they change every day. I'm sort of in with what Flex said about my wife hating me is I put her through a 3-4 hour hard slog out out there.

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    Re: 1770 to Fitzroy Reef & Lady Musgrave Is

    John, email sent. Check Meteye, if predictions stay consistent over a number of days watching then worth going but if changes everytime you look at it then accept it's going to be crap. Or take the missus regardless then you'll have to find other crew once she spits the dummy, although this can be awkward especially when you want to go and they all can't go.

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