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Thread: Vintage reels

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    Vintage reels

    Personal info and photo's deleted

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    Re: Vintage reels

    you aint alone thats for sure

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    Re: Vintage reels

    well not a sad case but rather a connoisseur of mechanisms that wind in line.. seriously its interesting in seeing some old reels and fathom how they made them with out mass production, cant say i ever saw a vintage game reel, might google what zane grey was using back in the day. probably my first jetty saltwalter fishing experience was going to the city pier 35 plus years ago and hiring out rods/reels they gave us cane surf rod type with something that looked like an alvey reel, could have been an alvey but we didnt know how to operate it as we had never seen such a reel before.

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    Re: Vintage reels

    I used to have an old game reel just like Zane Grey used, fitted to a short cane rod, still had the cotton (well that's what it looked like) line on it, the reel was made out of some kind of aluminium, had a very primitive star drag, it was suitable for around 130LB line I guess, like a young dumbass, I sold it for peanuts decades ago.

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    Re: Vintage reels

    Personal photo's and information deleted

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    Re: Vintage reels

    personal photo's removed
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    Re: Vintage reels

    I'll get used to posting photo's one day

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    Re: Vintage reels

    I thought Zane Grey used Hardy Brothers to build reels to his specs?

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    Re: Vintage reels

    Personal photo's deleted
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    Re: Vintage reels

    nice oldie my dad used when he was alive

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    Re: Vintage reels

    gone to internet heaven.l

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    Re: Vintage reels

    Hi Col.
    Obsession yes, passion yes. I have collected sidecast reels for close to 45 years.
    The first reel I had was an Alvey and used this off the beach and rocks.
    This got me started on sidecast reels and it amazes me the history and design of some of the sidecast reels made in Australia.
    Some were poorly designed but caught fish, some were engineered like a Swiss watch and would of been hard to fish with.
    Good luck
    Historian/Collector of Old Sidecast Fishing Reels

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    Re: Vintage reels

    deleted photos

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    Re: Vintage reels

    personal photo's removed
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    Re: Vintage reels

    Wow! That's 85 years old. First year of manufacturing for PENN. Congratulations!
    That box is in amazing condition for its age. Do we get to see the reel?

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