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Thread: Vintage reels

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    Re: Vintage reels

    Hi Reggy, sorry for the delay in replying, been a tad busy at work.
    Yes, I managed to pick this up from a deceased estate, very very lucky indeed. If I can find an old light house original box, they fetch near 2k.
    First generation Senators, were from 1936, thru to just before the war, basically, if you look at the centre of the handle, with the reel seat
    facing down, the gearbox is in the 5 o'clock position, after this it moved to the 7 O'clock position. I've got 3 at the minute, a 4/0, 9/0 and this 1937 12/0
    but it is extremely hard to snare them here in Aussie,, still have the 6/0, 10/0 and the difficult to find 14/0 and the 16/0 to go. Collectors are all over them when they appear. BUT, the 4/0 I have, was on ebay, pretty badly corroded with green stuff and the seller didn't know what he had, I couldn't pay the $40 quick enough. It cleaned up very nice, and is probably worth $4-500 as it a first year, but those opportunities are few and far between.
    When they come up, it's hard to compete with there deep pockets. But, I'll snare them one day, I'm in no hurry....


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    Re: Vintage reels

    This was the first year 4/0 I snared.
    With the waffle clicker button and the pointy football shape handle, it's dated as a 1939.
    There's a fair bit of Patina, but this reel was heavily used, so I'm happy to show that.

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    Re: Vintage reels

    Yes, not an easy task, but you you have done well.

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