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Thread: Vintage reels

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    Re: Vintage reels

    The two I have shown , I don't fish, but i do have about 4 others that I fish.
    This one is a 1967 330. The mechanism is very simple, durable and reliable on these reels, very similar to the old ABU cardinals.

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    Re: Vintage reels

    I don't normally stray to much away from collecting vintage Penn reels, but when I had the opportunity to obtain a rare slice of history, I couldn't resist.
    Accurate fishing..... they began in the early 90's, twin brothers decided to move away from there fathers aeronotic engineering business and start up a new company, concentrating on quality made fishing parts. Obviously now, well set in the industry with there own models and patented twin drag system, But early on, they entered the market making up graded quality parts for different companies. Penn, was one of those companies,, they machined up one piece frames, spools, side plates for some of Penns most popular and successful reels, mainly the 4/0 senator and the popular Jigmaster. This gave owners an opportunity to beef up there reels, to what ever level they chose.
    They made up 9 reels for the sales man at the time, 4/0 senators, Jigmasters and a couple of the bigger 6/0 Senators, all in different colours. Of course, the then sales man, put 7 of them at home and only carried 2 with him to do his job. 10 years later he retired and accurate gave him the sample reels as a retirement present, he then went home and tried to sell a couple to fund his retirement, luckily, a collector friend of mine, contacted him, to find out where he got them, was given the story behind them and my friend quickly bought 7 of the 9 salesman samples.
    I was lucky enough to track down one, which is still in its unused state and pounced.
    It's a full Accurate factory version, which in the 90's was worth a fair amount of coin, this one was the biggest version, a 6/0 Senator reel, as stamped on the inside of the handle, the internals are still stock standard Penn, which still made it a damn tough reel. To find an original, near mint one, is pretty rare, and being the most expensive version a 6/0, Narrow version, even rarer.
    I have a friend in Florida, who did the conversion himself, that still fishes with his, deep dropping out wide rail fishing they call it there, and he commented to me, that he gets north of 45 lb drag from his, with standard insides. of course his is a little worse for wear as it's been fished hard.
    It certainly wasn't cheap, but I did score it for an amazing price,, but as my collector friend said, show me another !!!
    I don't really have any great connection with it, as far as collectability goes, my 30's senators I cherish much more,, and in all honesty, I would have no problem with upgrading the internals and using it, if indeed I was regularly deep dropping, as this thing is an absolute beast of a reel.. or perhaps some trade bait for a few classic Penn's I'm yet to get....

    Anyways, for those that were interested, there you have it, How Accurate first began, a piece of the beginning history of Accurate fishing...
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    Re: Vintage reels

    I'm starting to drool Col. Very nice!

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    Re: Vintage reels

    A few more of my DAM Quick reels

    P1060549.jpgP1050277.jpg2016-11-30 14.51.05.jpg

    First one is the reel Alan Hawk called the Godfather of spin reels.
    Second is a 270 Super.
    Third is a 331 high speed.


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    Re: Vintage reels

    Nice Reels Greg,
    They look in Schmick condition as well.
    I keep an eye out for Dam reels now when I'm searching for whats for sale !.


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    Re: Vintage reels

    Thanks Col. Yes, I couldn't`t believe my luck when the 5001 came up for sale in Australia and no one else bid on it. It looked terrible at the time, but that was all on the outside. It functioned perfectly. The other surprise was the vendor lives about 4 kms from me.


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