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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Yeah Ran the boats overall weight has been on my mind the whole time the Americans have logged it at 850kg but who really knows what it weighs untill it sees the weigh bridge i wont know i can only go by my years of towing experience the empty hull and trailer felt around the 1200kg mark as if i were towing a car trailer with a holden barina or my cousins mitsubishi lancer on the back of my Xtrail

    if anyone knows of a way to weigh the whole rig that would be appreciated i can than calculate the trailers frame weight roughly from the amount of steel on it, icould buy all those human body scales and weigh it that way but it could be a waste of money too

    my cousin is coming over tomorrow we are going to move the boat to the corner of the back yard where it will be jacked up, axles removed and than once the alloy trailer is done i will cut away the old trailer frame bit by bit as we slide the new alloy trailer under the boat that is the plan

    i am going to paint the alloy trailers steel parts for now untill its built and it passes rego i will than get it galvanized i just just hope the mechanic isnt picky and wants the design changed hence gal it after rego

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Are you getting a compliance plate issued? There is provision in the ADR's for homebuilt trailers up to a certain size to be self-certified. You make application(instructions are actually in the ADR document, from memory) get approval, then get a plate from a trailer maunfacturer after showing them your approval. No inspection required for it, you are just stating that you have built it to conform with the relevant ADR's. After that, get it inspected for rego. The inspection place will likely be looking at compliance with requirements for security chains, functional brakes relevant to load rating, placement of lights, size/rating of tyres. Unless it somehow looks seriously deficient in some basic facet of design, they really won't be critiquing that, IMO.

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Hey Ran in nsw u just take it in for a unregistered vehicle inspection the mechanic will ask roads and maritime to allocate a VIN number they stamp this into the frame than i goto roads and maritime pay the fee and its registered

    Does anyone know where i could possibly hire 2x 1000kg hanging scales i will try hang my boat from two car engine cranes to get a weight

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Take the boat on current trailer to weigh bridge get weight. Take home remove boat and back to weigh bridge then you will have exact weight of boat.

    A little bit of running around, but gets you the exact weight and no guessing

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Tandem slippers on angle iron incorporating the mudguard supports, just add U bolts.
    Weld the cross bars inside the I beams.
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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Shakey yeah im going to call some tow trucks now

    Fed i have a cross member right in the middle mate that is getting in the way no holes have been drilled yet but its where i plan on putting the cross member

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    I was just calling around seems no tow truck company wants to answer there phones.. i got a hold of one lady and she said my trailer is to wide at 2.2m wheel to wheel so i am buggered i cant get a towie to tow to the weigh bridge, i did just find the VIN number but the trailer has no brakes, rusty holes in the frame and the coupling is buggered to tow it my self

    EDIT: i just bought 1400kg's worth of scales on ebay they'll be here thrursday i will grab some sleepers from bunnings too to weigh the boat and trailer

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