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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Got one axle on the clearance between disc and spring is 35mm i cant go anymore also these mudguards were not designed for these fat wheels it only just makes clearance the inside of tyre to inside mudguard wall would be less than 10mm and it barely covers the tyre on the outside bugger

    Another bummer the U bolts i bought for the fish plate/axle they only 4 not 8 and they sent 50mm U bolts not 40mm

    What a p.... of a thing its a nightmare i am buying shit 2-3 times over fmd

    These wheels are the spares i have 8 qheels all up the 4 bodgey spares are going on the old rusty trailer, the old rusty trailer has 4 brand new tyres on it that are going on the ally trailer

    She will need a good detergent and pressure washed once finished

    Edit: $68 for U bolts alone wow stuff is expensive locally


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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Quote Originally Posted by gazza2006au View Post
    Yeah thought maybe it would be a bit of deterant to scrap the trailer if stolen the thiefs would need to take more time to grind out all the stamps

    Im thinking it would definatly stop anyone trying to reregister the trailer as if u weld over the stamp the colour of two aluminiums will stand out like dogs balls unless the whole trailer is painted

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    It won't hurt Gazza - small story as to why. A mate of the old man's built a custom trailer that got knocked off many years ago. One day a couple of years on his son saw a trailer that looked like it (and as it turned out - was it) under a boat going the other way so he did a U bolt and followed the trailer to it's destination - knowing that his old man had welded his name somewhere under the trailer. Sure enough - name was still there, called the cops and got the trailer back. Being a custom trailer, it will be easy enough to recognise in a photo if they try to flog it off or someone see's it. On a production trailer - not so much. I can't imagine anyone knocking it off for scrap - they are worth a heap more money as a going concern.

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    Yeah im thinking along those lines Scott FB and forums have a big community and there would be next to none 6.5m aluminium trailers running 9inch wheels so it would stand out

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    Re: Aluminium Trailer Build Tandem Axle (On a budget)

    I tack welded my axle pads and the shs 50x50 tube over my axles today all went well

    I disassembled the whole front axle and disc to pack away in the shed i need to pull the axle back out tomorrow to fully weld it

    Was surprised to see my half axles slide strait inside the shs steel tubing thought i was going to have to grind out the weld seam

    I extended my axle length 70mm (35mm clearance on both sides) axle was 1850mm i ordered 1875mm now have 1920mm so when i replace the axles i will need a 1925mm

    Trailers overall width from outside mudguards is around 2010mm my hull at its widest is 2007mm

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