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Thread: G’day from central coast nsw

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    G’day from central coast nsw

    Hi guys,
    newbie to the forum.
    Brisbane Waters is my waterway these days.
    I chase bream and flathead most of the time.
    canoe, kayak or paddle board for a quick fish.

    Bait, spin and learning fly.


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    Re: G’day from central coast nsw

    Welcome aboard Steve, you will find plenty of good stories and advice here. Looking forward to some posts from you as well.

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    Re: G’day from central coast nsw

    Welcome Steve - I am an old member of Gosford Angling Club and spent some decades fishing and diving the central coast
    Still visit there each Christmas and although the place is too crowded the Brisbane Waters is a beautiful system.
    You obviously find flathead pretty good down towards half-tide rocks and below the Rip Bridge


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    Re: G’day from central coast nsw

    Hi Trev,
    I've lived in the area for about 35 years now. Definitely experienced the population boom.
    There's still some good fish about.
    Good size flatties are picky but still lurking in the regular spots.

    I had a great bream eco system going a few years back. Created a few structures and feeding my babies regularly.
    A neighbour told a mate who told a mate and they cleaned me out so I've started over again. And taught my Rottweiler to swim. LOL

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    Re: G’day from central coast nsw

    Attachment 117835

    One of my new creations.

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    Re: G’day from central coast nsw

    Can't see your image doctor Steve :-)
    Lesson learnt with fads hey
    We moved to CC 50 years ago (Somersby) - parents at Wyee these days
    Love the coastline there - spent many a night at Jewie bay Wamberal - put in the hours there if you want a monster
    I did 30 years of intense fishing from bass to estuary, rock and beach on the coast and offshore - lovely place just too crowded these days.
    I do prefer the reef fish up in QLD though - nicest eating
    I fish mainly offshore these days 70m deep to 400m deep


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    Re: G’day from central coast nsw

    Welcome Steve

    Good to see another NSW bloke on here

    Give a man a fish & he will eat for a day !
    Teach him how to fish
    & he will sit in a boat - & drink beer all day!

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