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    Seafarer Upholstery

    I have a 2000 model Seafarer V-Sea.

    Does anyone know who did or does the Seafarer upholstery work.

    Is it still the same company now as it was back in 2000

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    Re: Seafarer Upholstery

    Hi mate,

    The same guy is still available. He is in Queensland. What are you looking at getting done? I will try and find his details.

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    Seafarer Upholstery

    Thanks Dave, nothing urgent

    Some of the padding is starting to pull away. Bolts are pulling through the timber.

    Was thinking if, and a big if, that renewed all would I still be able to get the Seafarer logo on the seats.

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    Re: Seafarer Upholstery

    Check with Scott to see about what you want.
    I think he may be the guy. 0402 288 298

    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: Seafarer Upholstery

    Correct Chimo
    Scott is indeed the guy
    He Replaced my entire upholstery last year and instead of the expense of buying the available but expensive logos from Haines he deftly excised the existing ones and stitched them into place

    Hes down Hope Island way from memory
    A real gent
    Great to deal with

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