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    Honda BF20 installation , transducer location, Outboard support

    Hi first time boat owner

    Im seeking advice on mounting my honda firstly i have run into a problem with the carrying handle that is on there impeding the tilting of the outboard(4th & 5th pic)
    I have rang some dealerships to see if i could remove the handle and not impact my warranty but got conflicting answers, my next step is just going to take it to the dealership and have them fit it and add the instl kit which is the extra blots to secure it
    and remove the handle so the motor can be tilted all the way up for mooring. i was originally not able to even tilt it enough to get the outboard support on
    but i removed the hatch in the pics and can slide it in but not to sure if this is how it is meant to be sitting (3rd Pic). and (1st pic ) shows how it sits when the outboard support is connected basically all the weight is on the trailer so im assuming its doing its job.

    transducer location / outboard trim

    transducer appears to be at the correct height and if the outboard support looks like it should the motor sort of looks trimmed correctly the boat is on abit of a tilt in the photos . i put new carpet on the boat and installed the fish finder the other week. it works but havnt really tested it while the boat is planing as this seems to be where issues start happening if its setup wrong im pretty keen to get the new outboard in the water and test it like i said i have very little idea in regards to this stuff.

    also the boat bottom is about 50mm above the anti-ventilation plate on the outboard which the is what the instructions say is fine i could rise it but then the motor would not be sitting flush on the stern and its only the 2 screw mounts holding it to that height. im now curious to see if i get the dealership to mount the motor will they raise it or leave it how it is
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    Re: Honda BF20 installation , transducer location, Outboard support

    The problem is with the boat, not the motor, also looks like a long shaft on a short shaft transom, but it might be just the angle of the pictures. You might have a couple of options, remove the carry handle if the motor is going to be bolted on, or raise it to make the cav plate in a better position and allow the handle to fold flat.

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    Re: Honda BF20 installation , transducer location, Outboard support

    Can that handle slide across to the right and be removed?

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    Re: Honda BF20 installation , transducer location, Outboard support

    I would say remove it. It is only a carry handle for convenience and will not / should not effect any warranty issues.

    Iím pretty sure you can replace it at a latter time if you need to.

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