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    Plate boat build

    Hi all, getting an offshore plate boat built so will have a few questions in the coming months.

    First question.

    Im running a Furuno 588. What thru hull transducer should I run under $500. It will be mounted in a fairing. Fish to about 100m

    Thanks for advice and many more questions to come.

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    Re: Plate boat build

    In aluminium you really want either a plastic or at worst stainless steel housing. Depending on how good you ally bloke is, the pic of what's available in your budget would be the 520-5PSD.

    It will be the hardest to install to work at speed but is the best of the plastic 600 watt thru hulls in outright performance. Other options are the P319 from Airmar. (520-PLD)

    It will be easier to install by a long shot but not as good IMO.

    From there we go to the stainless units but the price goes north of $500.

    or you could go rubber block and a matching box but that will smash your budget into the next century.

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    Re: Plate boat build

    Thanks mate. Will look into those stainless units.

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    Re: Plate boat build

    Quote Originally Posted by jclay1773 View Post
    Thanks mate. Will look into those stainless units.
    Just make sure your installer reads the information regarding isolating from the hull. Some of the stainless units come with a isolating ring for use on alloy rigs. Might even be worth trying to download the instructions from the Airmar site (think they are there) and have a read.

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    Re: Plate boat build

    Will do mate. Thanks.

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    Re: Plate boat build

    Hi all after info on electrics.

    1. Are the bep clusters worth it over the standard 1-2 isolator. I understand how they work but struggle to see the real benefit considering the price difference.

    2. Should uhf, sounder amd gps be run on seperate cables from battery isolation. My understanding is that if you run these items off a fuse block in the cabin you will get interference.

    Thanks for any info.

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