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    took a mate out yesterday morning, got our 100 whiting from the rouse......out of my 50, we didn't get any, gave them all away, after I filleted them
    out there again today, had our 100 bag limit between us by 9-30 this morning
    better quality today, my share of the fillets went 3-32kg, some more will be given away but we ARE going to have whiting fillets for dinner tonight
    prawns for bait


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    Re: whiting

    Nice one, are u drifting around rous? And what sort of water depth / bottom are u looking for

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    Re: whiting

    Went out yesterday with my son on the water about 8:00 over to rouse got 72 good whiting home by 12:30. went out last Thursday same place home by 11:30 with 63 all good size. My neighbor was out in his boat same day with 2 others got their bag by about 2:30. gotta love whiting fillets.

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    Re: whiting

    Just wish they got as big as King George whiting.

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