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    Wink Lucinda

    Heading up to have a look at Lucinda next week for the first time , I have noted a coral fin fish closure from 6-10th so will probably spend the first couple of days crabbing , then outside to see what we can find . If anyone would like to share their secret marks it would be appreciated .


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    Re: Lucinda

    we are going up to Lucinda for the first time arrive 29th October till 9th november, and coral fin closure also 5th to 9th November
    from what I can see on the marine park map, we can still fish out front around the 6km sugar jetty during the closure....can anyone confirm this please

    Kev, at least you can fish for barramundi during your holiday, as we arrive pm on the 29th, we only get 2 days to try to catch barra

    we are taking my 4-8metre savage, and hoping to get at least one good day weatherwise to get out to do some reef fishing, apart from fishing the sugar jetty and river system


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    Re: Lucinda

    Kev, I'll be arriving about the 10th for a few days before heading nth. Probly do a few overnight trips weather permitting. Robin, it's not so much where you fish but what you can take. Even along the jetty you still can't take CRFF during the closure period. You can, however fish for pelagics. Jetty and Palm group can be good for macks, cobia etc.

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    Re: Lucinda

    thanks for that Mark

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    Re: Lucinda

    Thanks Mark , from what I have seen and heard it looks like a lot of fun up there . Only a few days to go

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