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Thread: Hinze Dam WARNING!

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    Hinze Dam WARNING!


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    Re: Hinze Dam WARNING!

    Been there for years copy of email that I set to previous useless health minister.
    Copy of email that I sent to Minister of health in 2006
    raymond kennedy
    31 Dec. 2006 at 8:30 am
    The Hon Minister of Health,
    Mr S. Robertson.
    There have been recent press statements of the presence of unacceptable levels of mercury detected in two bass out of a sample of 6 fish taken from the hinze dam.
    As you well know mercury is a cumilative poison and to my mind if the mercury is in the food chain it also will be in the drinking water supplied from the dam.

    Could you please tell me if furthur sampling of a larger cross section of the fish population of the Hinze dam is going to take place and if any testing of the fish population of other waterways and impoundments in Queensland is going to take place,
    Yours sincerly
    Ray Kennedy

    Be interesting if the mercury levels in fish have elevated in the last 12 years or maybe they have just responded to my email

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    Re: Hinze Dam WARNING!

    I know nothing about how mercury gets in the food chain. Do you recon it just occurs naturally in the ground at this site and has worked it's way up the food chain? I wouldn't expect there wound be much heavy industry in the dam's catchment area.

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    Re: Hinze Dam WARNING!

    From what I remember from my previous research mercury exists naturally in the rock in the area and congregates in the sediment on the floor of the dam and gradually works it way upwards into the foodchain. The problem with mercury is that once it is in the body it does not dissipate but actually accumulates over time so the larger/older the bass are the higher the mercury content.

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