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Thread: fishing 1770

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    fishing 1770

    Hey guys,
    Heading up to 1770 for the first time and was hoping for a few pointers on where to head out to get a feed of fish. Have a seafearer victory with 180lt tank. Any help would be awesome.

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    Re: fishing 1770

    I think some of the older Meet and Greet threads had lots of GPS starter marks, have a look at the earlier threads, but I am sure someone has them saved.

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    Re: fishing 1770

    You don't need GPS marks for 1770, head east to reef line work around any of these systems from Musgrave to Sykes in the 10 - 30m range for trout, lipper, the odd red etc..

    Anchoring is best for fishing the shallows I have found,..

    Have a hang, pull a few fish then move on..

    Don't have to go far, just up and move 50m or so find this the most productive method..

    Make sure you have an up to date chart on your GPS as there is a considerable amount of marine national park with no fishing around those areas.

    Head east of this same reef line, chuck some lures out and troll in depths 40 - 120m and mark "soundings" on GPS after an hour or two go back and start fishing these for the usual reefies..

    Usually drift the deeper stuff but anchoring also works well if run and conditions allow..

    Lagoons at Musgrave and Fitzroy offer safe anchorage at night or anchor on the lee side of island protected from the wind for a comfortable sleep..

    Fresh bait is helpful, live even better..

    Follow the above and you will get a feed of fish..

    I have the same boat with a 200hp Honda, usually pack 2 x 20 litre jerrys just to be sure, but you will know ur boat and its range and calculate accordingly..

    Have fun, it is a great place..

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