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Thread: Lake samsonvale

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    Lake samsonvale

    Seeing if anybody has fished this dam lately and are the Red Claw in this dam too. Thankyou

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    Re: Lake samsonvale

    Fishing well at the moment, small redclaw are in plaque proportions in my shrimp traps. Will be a big year for redclaw next summer I suspect.

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    Re: Lake samsonvale

    Here is an extract from the PRFMA website for the catch statics up to 18/3/18.
    2059 bass caught and 38 kept

    38 yellas caught and 12 kept.

    17 toga which numbers should increase as a couple of people have caught the bug and are specifically targeting them.

    1000 odd redclaw which should increase after the rise in the dam
    My data for April is 320 bass,3 kept.
    8 yellas ,5 kept
    3 tandans.
    All on live shrimp.
    I have not been out since 25/4 due to new hip but other regulars continuing with cricket scores.
    Others doing better than me by combining trolling,jigging and bait fishing.

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    Re: Lake samsonvale

    Thankyou so much

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    Re: Lake samsonvale

    Attachment 117705
    Photo results of 16 pots left in overnight.

    Dam is fishing very well plenty of bass.

    Boating access permits now avail on PRFMA website.


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